How American Bath Group streamlined the creation process of all their price lists!

American bath group Date:25 July 2022Author: [email protected]

American Bath Group (ABG), founded in 1993, is the premier manufacturer of Residential, Commercial, Assisted Living, Senior Care, and Premium Showroom bathing products in the USA. ABG provides bathroom products such as showers, integrated tub/showers, bathtubs, shower bases, jetted whirlpools, and spas. The Group sells its products through the wholesale and retail channels to a diverse base of builders, plumbers, general contractors, and individual end-users through a broad portfolio of well-recognized brands in the United States such as AKER, Aquarius, Aquatic, Bootz, Clarion, Comfort Designs, Hamilton, MAAX, MAAX Spas, and Swan. ABG employs over 3600 people.

What was the publishing process of the customer before contacting Pagination?

ABG used an extremely complex in-house system that aggregated data from different sources and produced a complete list. But the disadvantages were several: the system was so complex as to require the presence of a person expert only in that, it was very unstable and often did not produce documents, and it was also very slow. Furthermore, the solution they adopted was very rigid and it was difficult to change the rules. The biggest problem, however, was that the person responsible for the entire project was retiring and no one knew how to intervene to change the rules and adapt to the new data management.

How did Pagination help American Bath Group?

When ABG came into contact with Pagination it was also in a transition phase of its database. So it jumped at the ball and asked Pagination to help improve its data for the new automatic pagination process. The Pagination development team then worked several days with ABG’s internal data manager during which the necessary product attributes and data extraction rules were agreed upon.

As for the design, it was necessary to simplify the document layout to make it fully automatable and reduce the creation time to a minimum. Thanks to the help of Pagination, it was possible to slightly retouch the layout of the document to ensure that the automation was 100% and therefore did not require any human intervention.

Once the templates and data files were linked, and the project uploaded to the cloud, the pagination process with Pagination was solid, faster, and easily editable. The main objective was also achieved, that is, the process does not require an internal figure who knows the project, as Pagination manages the entire process. When ABG wants to make changes, all they have to do is ask Pagination to make the required changes. Requests are processed in no time.

The noteworthy features of the American Bath Group price list are the automatic insertion of accessories (published in the table under the main products), optional products (which are inserted ad libitum to have as little white space as possible on the page), and finally the insertion of cross-references, to easily find the products within the document. For this document, an ad hoc algorithm has also been developed to improve cell merging, with truly excellent results.

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