How Bodahl Mobler creates up to 20 seasonal price lists a year

Date:26 October 2020Author: [email protected]

Bodahl Mobler is a B2B trading company based in Denmark that designs its own furniture and focuses on quality, good craftsmanship, and a rustic look. Today Bodahl Mobler is represented in the majority of European Countries.


What was Bodahl Mobler looking for?

Before reaching out to Pagination Bodahl Mobler created their documents only with the help of Excel. Bodahl Mobler contacted us because they wanted to start creating documents as soon as possible and to create them automatically in four different languages and currencies and publish up to 20 seasonal versions. Bodahl has 600-7000 dealers and has to generate multiple versions of a price list for their retail, dealer, and exhibition prices.


Paginations solution to streamline the production of their price-lists

Pagination developed a function that sends FTP metadata files via protocol to the Bodahl server on a scheduled day. Bodahl can directly download the output files from the Pagination Cloud and the information of the metadata files, as well as the data for the synchronization, are read directly from the excel file.

To drastically cut production time, Pagination developed a function that compares sections of datafiles with older versions and with versions from the same batch and decides whether to run the process or recycle already made documents. This function comes in handy when the customer wants to run tens or hundreds of price lists in a short period and the changes between the versions are small or very section-specific.

When producing documents that only differ in price Pagination uses the conditional text function of InDesign that replaces the prices from the retail prices to the trade cost price without the necessity to repaginate the whole document and thus saving a lot of time.

To allow flexibility in the layout, Pagination uses InDesign files provided by the Bodahl Moebler. They have beautiful location shots of their furniture they want to display, so they prepare the InDesign document with their photos and composition and Pagination uses those documents to place all the information from the data file.

Now working with Pagination, Bodahl Mobler was able to cut down their production time and create multiple beautiful versions of their price lists a year with ease.


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