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(Padova, Italy)

At Pagination, we offer internships that strike the balance between meaningful learning and safe challenges.
You will be exposed to updated tasks, working using best practices and the latest technologies.
You’ll learn evergreen industry basics and explore the latest technology trends.

What you will achieve with the internship

  • We will help you to read, comprehend, and comment on our project requirements and the specifications of our internal services.
  • You will have the time and flexibility to gather the required insight, to project and test your assumptions, and to modify your ideas, if needed.
  • Your projects will be based on real work settings, and results will be tested in a production-like environment.
  • You will foster your advanced common sense and be able to see your intuition in action.
  • You will learn how to communicate in a professional environment, reading and commenting on specifications.
  • You will listen to customers’ requirements-gathering interviews.
  • You will attend to project and code reviews, suggesting pull requests.

With an internship at Pagination, you will enjoy an enriching experience working side by side with great colleagues of proven experience in a vibrant location close to university campuses and within easy reach of public transportation.

Moreover, you will boost your resume or jump start your application for our permanent positions.

Skills crucial for success in this role

Logic, common sense, patience, perseverance, a sense of proportion, clear writing, English, familiarity with a programming language.





Piazza Garibaldi 8, 35122 Padua – PD

About Pagination

Pagination is a SaaS company. We provide database publishing services, streamlining the creation of catalogs and price lists.
Our first document was created in 2009 and, since then, we have grown organically. In the last year, we have produced more than 3 million pages for hundreds of national and international customers across a range of industries.

If you’re interested, write us at and send us your CV.

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