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What is catalog software?

Catalog software is a tool that enables users to create catalogs, price lists, brochures, classifieds, or any other kind of commercial documents automatically. With catalog software, you can integrate your data with your layout, automatically create always up-to-date documents that are ready for print and digital distribution, and avoid their manual creation. With catalog software, you can significantly optimize your workflow, improving your data management and getting better results in less time.

Why not use manual publishing?

The manual creation of this kind of document has many disadvantages. First of all, consider the creation time: Manually creating a catalog is a challenging task that can require months of work, especially if you need to create documents with hundreds of products, and it’s a task that needs to involve many people. Then, there is the difficulty of their creation: You need certain skills to use graphic tools that yield a professional result. Layout errors not visible in the creation phase may emerge in the print phase and significantly slow down the time to market. Finally, there is a high risk of errors: Like every manual operation, errors are inevitable, which makes it necessary to pay great attention during the creation phase and requires multiple and precise checks after the pagination process is complete.

The benefits of using catalog software

Catalog software allows you to take data from any source and convert it automatically into documents. This eliminates the problems related to manual creation. The results are a more precise and faster document creation progress with more professional graphics results.
Catalog software can be integrated with data from your business applications to ensure that the documents always present the most up-to-date information. Moreover, each project is totally customizable, ensuring the faithful respect and use of your communication guidelines.

There are many different catalog software packages on the market, and they differ considerably in terms of data management, layout flexibility, and documents’ final rendering. You may have tried desktop applications that are difficult to use and with which you can create only a very basic graphic layout. Forget about those! The best solution for the job is Pagination.

Pagination Product Catalog Software

Pagination is a cloud product catalog software (SaaS) that allows you to create high-resolution print-ready documents (PDF, INDD, IDML) or web versions of these documents, using Adobe InDesign. Pagination uses your InDesign layout to ensure maximum design freedom. If you do not yet have a layout and you need a document quickly, you can choose from the dozens of free templates offered by Pagination, and easily edit them to meet your needs.

And what about the data?

Today, most of lists of information come from spreadsheets, databases, or other business applications, which keep growing and changing. Pagination cloud catalog software enables you to use any type of data files, including Excel, CSV, TXT, XML, and more. Additionally, not all the data need to be contained in a single file. You can easily combine several data files to create rich and sophisticated documents.

Providing users with the ability to manage information-intensive documents has made Pagination one of the most widely used catalog software packages in the world. Workflow can be greatly enhanced by using Pagination’s features of automatic TOC, smart tables, dynamic fields, HTML tags, and much more.

The Pagination Team’s know-how, with experience on hundreds of national and international projects, is what makes Pagination the best product catalog software currently available on the web–and it is cloud-based! No installation, plug-in, or specific training is required. Send your project files (the InDesign layout, the data file, and the images) to Pagination, and within about ten working days, you will be able to create your own documents 24/7. You just have to try it!

Catalog automation?

Publishing a product catalog or a price list is a challenging task that can put pressure on even the best marketing teams.
You can use Pagination cloud catalog software to automatically create beautiful documents in just a few seconds that are always ready for print or digital distribution.

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