How Dormakaba saved time in creating their own price lists


Dormakaba is a global security group based in Rümlang, Switzerland. It employs around 15,000 people in over 50 countries. It formed as the result of a merger between former Kaba and former Dorma in September 2015 (companies with a history of over 100 years). They deliver products, solutions, and services in access and security worldwide: door hardware, electronic access and data, entrance systems, mechanical key systems, safe locks, lodging systems, interior glass systems, key systems, and movable walls. Dormakaba operates with the following brands worldwide: Keyscan, Best, Dorma, Dorma Hüppe, dormakaba, Ilco, Kaba, Kilargo, Legic, Mesker, Modernfold, Phi Precision, Probuck, RCI, Saflok La Gard, Silca, and Skyfold.

What was the publishing process of the customer before contacting Pagination?

We are currently collaborating with Dormakaba UK, Dormakaba France, Dormakaba Spain, and Dormakaba Italy for the automatic creation of their price lists. We started working with Dormakaba UK, but after a few months, we were asked for help from France, Spain, and then Italy. When they came to us, all the branches created their price lists by hand with InDesign and imported the data from different Excel files. The English branch, for example, also had a complex price list that had been given to an external agency to lay out. We were then asked to be able to use Pagination also to create this particular type of price list. A few months later France came forward with a similar request.

How did Pagination help Dormakaba?

As the various branches shared most of the product information (images, SKUs, etc.), the proposed solution was to create a single data file that could be used by all branches. The data file, however, had to be flexible to allow the single branch to add the specific fields that distinguished it. While, as regards the InDesign template, we left maximum freedom to individual branches to use the layout they preferred. Then our development team analyzed all the various cases and developed a master data file that could also be used by future children. The image folder was also centralized so that it could be used as a single repository by all branches. In less than a month of work, dormakaba was ready to automatically create its price lists by simply uploading the data files to the Pagination cloud. This service allowed Dormakaba to save a lot of time in time to market!

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