Pagination, the only reason we do catalogs

Since 1969, El.Mi has dealt with small metal components, machines and electronic tools.

The company is proud of its more than 40 years of experience, its price list with thousands of products and its constantly growing customer portfolio that includes national and international clients. El.Mi is a well-established reality in the electronics market, and they chose Pagination to help create their catalog.

Luca Reginato, Pagination’s project manager says, “El.Mi is a very important client for us because it was one of our first clients to use our database publishing service. Our first contact was about five years ago when they were looking for a better solution for catalog creation. We started collaborating in 2014. El.Mi believed in us and had the courage to rely on Pagination when our service was still in development. Over these last two years of collaboration, our relationship has grown stronger, and today, El.Mi is one of our most loyal customers.”

This relationship has been productive for both companies, and it shows how Pagination can improve how we work with our clients over time.

We interviewed Isabella Fogli, El.Mi’s marketing manager. She says:

“Before we started working with Pagination, creating our catalogs was a lot of hard work. We distribute thousands of products from many different suppliers, and it’s always been difficult to incorporate all of them in one unique catalog. It was hard to manage constantly changing prices, values, product codes, images, subcategories and updates, especially for a company like ours that doesn’t have an internal graphic designer and has to hire a design contractor. All this work meant we used to create a new complete product catalog every eight years. That was after months of hard work, with lots of email exchanges, phone calls and meetings with the designer. It was a waste of energy and resources, and our final product was inaccurate and incomplete and couldn’t respond fully to our needs. We needed a solution or we would have had to abandon the catalog entirely.”

Enter Pagination. “It’s the only reason El.Mi still makes product catalogs” Isabella Fogli says. She goes on:

Pagination solves our problems of cost, time, performance and customization, and it lets focus on working more efficiently.

“This service reduces the time we need to create our catalog (now it only takes one month), reduces costs and frees up resources for other purposes. It has also increased the efficiency of the entire process and reduced errors.”

“Moreover, customer service is always available to help any time during the process. They also advise us on printing and suggested a print service which has now became our usual printer.”

“With Pagination, making catalogs is a pleasure. The workflow is so easy that we decided to add an English version of our catalog for our international clients. That would have been impossible before we started working with Pagination.”

“Pagination has also helped us perfect our method of internal management. Since we started working with Pagination, we have started updating our catalog more often, and we have been able to add an English version for the first time. We print it out and make it available to our clients as a PDF file in our online store. We’ve had great results with Pagination.”

“The Pagination team had a brilliant idea: bringing the database publishing into the cloud. This service made possible the impossible: creating our catalog in just a few days. It was a huge improvement.”

This service made possible the impossible: creating our catalog in just a few days. It was a huge improvement.

Isabella Fogli Marketing Manager

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