Easy, quick and customizable. It was everything we were looking for and everything we needed!

Gubi is a Danish brand that has sold designer furniture for almost fifty years.
Since 2001, the Copenhagen company’s name has been associated with a clear philosophy and aesthetic, pointing to a unique merging of the past and the future.

The Gubi collection combines established icons of international design with the work of emerging designers with new perspectives. Well-known names can be found beside new, emerging designers, reaffirming the past and exploring new boundaries. This desire to explore new territories led Gubi to Pagination.

Xavier Butcher, a graphic assistant at the company, explains his reasons:

“At the beginning of this year, we were looking for a solution for catalog creation. We wanted something quick and easy that would optimize our workflow.”

“Since I’m a graphic designer, I did a lot of research on InDesignSecrets.com about database publishing software, but I couldn’t find anything that satisfied me. Every program used large software programs that required installation, hours of training, and constant assistance. This kind of solution is old-fashioned; it didn’t fit with the Gubi philosophy.”

“Then I came across Pagination’s website, which offered a cloud-based automatic database publishing service. It was precisely the solution I was looking for!”

“Gubi is our first Danish client, so it has been a great satisfaction to collaborate with them,” says Luca Reginato, Pagination project manager. “We immediately connected with their desire to find new, original solutions.”

If Gubi rethinks contemporary design through experimenting with shapes, materials and functionalities, says Reginato, “We try to reinvent the rules of automatic publishing by offering a new, cloud-based service in a landscape dominated by in-house, software-based database publishing. Experimentation and breaking the rules are interests that Gubi and Pagination share. Moreover, the collaboration with Gubi is a stimulating challenge because it allows us to compare ourselves with some of the most well-known database publishing in-house solutions. And we won this challenge.”

Xavier continues: “In fact, we had some unhappy experiences with expensive in-house software. They left us disappointed. These solutions promised to be automatic, but they actually weren’t, and we had to edit the documents manually. This was really expensive in terms of manpower and time. A publisher that has to be edited manually to be complete isn’t automatic at all. So we were looking for a solution that would really respond to our needs.”

“Pagination was the perfect answer. This service made catalog creation easier. It’s an advanced solution aligned with our company’s philosophy. And, since it’s a European brand, we don’t have to worry about working across time zones.”

The collaboration with Pagination provided Gubi with numerous benefits:
“First of all, it allows us to optimize the process of catalog creation. Our graphic template is created ad hoc, but everything else is totally automatic, and we don’t have to do anything else manually. A big pro of Pagination is that we don’t have to give up customized graphics and formats. This service offers an extremely flexible automation that leaves room for customization.”

“Another strength of Pagination is the speed. Working on a cloud-based system means that automation is available 24/7 and that updates and synchronizations happen instantly. Data and updates became complete paginated documents in a few minutes.”

“In the end, we have been impressed by Pagination’s ease of use. The service is very easy, and you don’t need any special technical ability to use it. The transition from our old in-house software to Pagination.com has been fast and smooth. We didn’t have to install any software or plug-ins, and we didn’t need to do any trainings or memorize a user manual. Once the Pagination team set it up, the system was ready to use.”

“Easy, quick and customizable. It’s everything you could ask of an automatic database publishing service.”

“Pagination has been a wonderful purchase. It’s improved the quality of our work and has had a very positive impact on our bottom line—in terms of money, manpower and time.”


A wonderful purchase

Pagination has been a wonderful purchase. It’s improved the quality of our work and has had a very positive impact on our bottom line - in terms of money, manpower, and time.

Xavier Butcher Graphic Designer

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