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PermobilDate:17 October 2023Author: Valerio Morossi

Permobil is a well-established company known for providing reliable healthcare solutions, including electric and manual wheelchairs, as well as seating, positioning, and power assistance products. It has made a significant impact globally in enhancing the mobility and quality of life for many.

The company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by Dr. Per Uddén. Dr. Uddén was guided by the principle that assisting individuals to reach their highest level of independence is a basic human right. This ethos has driven the company’s innovations and quality of service. Today, Permobil employs over 1,600 staff and operates in more than 15 countries, evidencing its international reach and influence.

Permobil is a key part of the Permobil Group, which is owned by Investor AB. This group is recognized globally for pushing the boundaries in advanced rehabilitation technology. It houses several respected brands, including Permobil, TiLite, and ROHO, each contributing uniquely to the mission of improving mobility and ensuring comfort for people around the world.


What was the publishing process before contacting Pagination?

When Permobil reached out to Pagination, they were in pursuit of an evolved solution that could seamlessly integrate and simplify the updation of their order forms. At that juncture, Permobil Americas was ensnared in a manual and somewhat archaic process. Every item code, detailed description, and price was meticulously edited by hand—a task that was not only labor-intensive but also prone to errors and inconsistencies. This traditional approach was a significant bottleneck, slowing down efficiency and affecting the overall productivity of the team.

The desire was clear: a revolutionary system that could automate these processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while eliminating the cumbersome manual entries. The objective was to bring about a transformation that would not only modernize the order entry process but also elevate the overall operational efficiency, aligning with Permobil’s stature as a globally recognized entity in healthcare solutions.

How did Pagination help Permobil?

Permobil Americas, recognizing the increasing demand for efficiency and accuracy in their operational workflow, turned to Pagination to revamp their order form creation process, specifically for Power, Manual, and Seating and Positioning segments. The decision was not merely a whim, but a strategic move to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.

The project embarked on the ambitious step of overhauling the existing data file structure. The old methods, while serviceable, were no longer optimal for the company’s growth trajectory. This renewed structure would form the foundation upon which the new system would operate.

At the heart of this transformation were several key advancements:

  • The implementation of a streamlined automation across 7 distinct InDesign templates.
    Notably, each of these templates was meticulously crafted to feature a sophisticated product layout, ensuring both clarity and aesthetics for the end-users.


  • A remarkably flexible system was established, allowing for the inclusion of up to 20,000 SKUs within a single data file.
    This feature not only catered to the vast product range of Permobil Americas but also anticipated future expansions.


  • The revamped process ensured the simultaneous generation of three distinct price lists: America, Canada, and Veterans. This localization displayed a commitment to precision and user relevance, ensuring that clients in different regions had access to accurate and pertinent information.


  • A crowning achievement was the production of an interactive PDF.
    Far from a static document, this PDF was infused with modifiable fields and checkboxes, offering users a dynamic experience and allowing for ease of data entry and modifications.

This strategic overhaul is a testament to Permobil Americas’ commitment to innovation and excellence. Through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and user-centered design, they are not just staying afloat in the competitive landscape but are setting the gold standard for others to follow.

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