Database publishing and
variable data printing:
a better approach


Tools such as InDesign Data Merge and InDesign XML workflows empower publishers with control and automation.

Standard database publishing methods introduce significant limitations in terms of data preparation requirements, complex field mapping, and resource-intensive publication cycles.

Common limitations

Data preparation

Spreadsheet and XML data can only be used with InDesign once it matches an extensive set of precise specifications.
Dedicated professionals are often required to design a project’s logic to these standards, and the logic has to be kept up-to-date and error-free as projects evolve.

Field mapping

Challenges can appear with field mapping as soon as differences emerge between products, e.g. description text lengths, attributes, icons, and relationships.
These differences often require multiple template libraries that are difficult to test and keep in sync.

Document publishing

Large publications often require significant repetitions between document chapters.
Further complexities come from varying product assortments, prices, and languages.
These repetition cycles can pressure even the best design teams and computing resources.

A better approach

At Pagination we develop this empowerment further by offering simpler, more streamlined and even more powerful solutions.


At Pagination we offer end-to-end solutions that overcome the limitations of standard database publishing and variable data printing methods.

Our processes convert even the most complex data sources into beautiful documents, catalogs, price lists, circulars and just about any other document type that presents large amounts of information to your customer base.

Service highlights include:

Use data from any source: Excel, Access, SQL, Magento, Prestashop, etc.
Full service automation provides finished documents as InDesign files or PDFs
Keep total control over layout customization, right down to the smallest details
High-performance data centers offer rapid and accurate document conversion
Scalable solutions start on-demand and move in-house as your needs grow


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At Pagination we offer fully automated solutions for beautiful documents.

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