How Amcor creates its sales collateral in a jiffy!


Amcor is an American-Australian global packaging company. It develops and produces flexible packaging, rigid containers, specialty cartons, closures, and much more. Amcor has two reporting segments: Flexibles Packaging and Rigid Plastics. Flexibles Packaging develops and supplies flexible packaging and specialty folding cartons. Rigid Plastics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of rigid plastic packaging.

What was the publishing process of the customer before contacting Pagination?

Amcor Rigid Plastic contacted Pagination following an internal investigation, carried out in order to find a tool that would speed up the creation of its sales collateral and reduce time to market. Back then, Amcor worked with Canva for document creation and Issuu for online publishing. Canva worked well for creating documents but it took a huge amount of time (many hours) and following some updates, they could no longer use it and had to update the document with Adobe Acrobat.

How did Pagination help Amcor?

Amcor initially asked us for a quote for the automation of their latest catalog. A problem immediately emerged related to the structuring of the product data, as several category fields were missing, necessary to create the catalog correctly. Pagination then developed a sample data structure that served Amcor as the master file to set up the data files for all future catalogs.

After considering the offer proposed by Pagination interesting, Amcor contacted a communication agency to revamp the look of its catalogs. There was a meeting with Amcor, the agency, and Pagination, during which the requirements and levels of automation were defined. After a few months, the agency provided Pagination with the final InDesign template for the new catalog. Within days, Pagination completed the automation and gave Amcor credentials to access the service 24/7.

Automation of the Table of Contents and page layouts is worth mentioning. The automation of the Table of Contents was really complex as Amcor wanted to have the ability to change the layout of the page containing the TOC when it wanted. Pagination, therefore, developed a solution that allows Amcor uploading of a custom InDesign file (to the Pagination Cloud) which has a white space that is automatically filled by Pagination with the Table of Contents (which obviously varies according to the product assortment).

Page layouts, on the other hand, allow Amcor to have a lot of freedom and control over the layout. They give Amcor the ability to choose the exact position of each individual item. By automating two layouts, Amcor can insert tables or texts next to the main product image.

Thanks to the customized processes developed by Pagination, Amcor was able to optimize the creation of its sales documentation. Within a few months, Amcor plans to contact the Pagination Team to integrate Pagination with the PIM system it is finishing to implement to manage the marketing processes even more efficiently!

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