Pagination for enterprises

Enterprises need a framework that enables the international deployment of product information and an integrated brand identity across online, print and mobile channels. It’s also crucial for enterprises to have an easy and manageable way of editing, approving and sharing product information between departments and real-time syncing between legacy databases or third-party systems.

These are solutions-based pricing examples.
The listed costs are estimates and should only be used as general pricing information. The examples apply to a subscription agreement, but all services are also available on an on-demand basis. A Pagination representative can provide you with a detailed estimate to match your specific requirements.

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 A clear focus

We have a clear focus on product information management, data and content representation and reuse across multiple channels like web, print, mobile.

Outstanding Support

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We have hundreds of project under our belt. With knowledge of specific industries like: automotive, distribution, fashion, furniture, creative agencies and manufacturing.