How Nicolaus improved the creation of its catalogs!

nicolaus Date:30 Januar 2023Author: [email protected]

Nicolaus Tour was born in 2003 in Ostuni, Italy. They diversified their product portfolio by developing various market segments: from holiday resorts to medium and long-range luxury travel, up to the real estate market, the congress sector, and MICE becoming an important and multifaceted reality in the Italian and Mediterranean sea holiday market. They specialized in 

Tour Operating, Hotel Management, and Real Estate. There are 250 human resources employed in the different departments of the group. They manage 17 villages in Italy and in the Mediterranean, marketed exclusively with the Nicolaus Club format, and over 300 hotel facilities, villages, resorts, hotels, and residences. In July 2018, Nicolaus Tour acquired Valtur, the historic Italian village brand. In July 2020, the Group welcomed I Viaggi del Turchese, a historic Italian tourism brand, into the corporate structure.

What was the publishing process of the customer before contacting Pagination?

Nicolaus contacted us as they were looking for a solution that would help them automatically lay out the information (text and photos) relating to their tourist facilities (which they managed in their CMS) in their InDesign templates.

How did Pagination help Nicolaus?

The first documents they asked us to automate were two catalogs for two different Tour Operators belonging to their group. Once our development team had analyzed the two catalogs they opted to make the layout using page layouts instead of product layouts. This way, Nicolaus could use the layouts that they already had without having to make any kind of change. Every time they want to update a catalog, they upload a CSV data file. The descriptions of the tourist structures are in HTML format, being exported from a CMS. Pagination reads them easily and formats them correctly, exactly as they appear on their site.

The documents they produce with Pagination are semi-finished products. In fact, once the layout is done, Nicolaus downloads the InDesign files, and adds the images, centering them inside the image boxes. Since working with us, they have decided to automate two more publications. The final process has improved somewhat from months of work to a few hours. Above all, meetings to review the data are no longer held.

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