Pagination at The InDesign Conference 2016

Date:23 November 2016Author: Luca Reginato

After our success at PePcon in San Diego, Pagination moved to the East Coast for a new exciting adventure: The InDesign Conference 2016 in Washington DC!

We love communication, which is fundamental to us, so we love these events. As in June at PePcon, we were very satisfied with the positive feedback we received. Of course, we also had a lot of fun.

The InDesign Conference is a two-day event that brings together more than 400 people, including InDesign experts and customers from all around the world. It is the perfect environment in which to present our solution.


We arrived at the conference on November 6th very excited about what was about to happen. As we set up our booth, we started to immerse ourselves in the climate, talking with attendees, trainers, and ID experts.

We met old friends, like Anne-Marie Concepción and David Blatner, who produced the conference, and we started many new interesting relationships with people like Tweak founder Jerry Kennelly and Ken Jones, Director at Circular Software.


The second day was our day!

We had the Breakfast Session, where we talked about our service and showed how it works. We explained how Pagination overcomes some of the limitations of standard database publishing.

Our audience was great. They were really interested and asked a lot of questions. We had very positive feedback, which demonstrates how fascinating and innovative our solution is.

Many of the attendees came by afterward to talk about their specific project and to request a free trial of our services.

Moreover, we gave a little gift to everyone who completed our registration form.
We are talking about The Print Handbook by Andy Brown, a beautiful and easy-to-read instrument to help solve printing problems. It is a must-have for those who love printing.
Everyone who received the book loved it!
Throughout the third day of the conference, we continued to develop relationships and attended many tutorials and sessions led by renowned InDesign technicians and experts, where we learned something more about this world.

Even though we feel like veterans, we were continually struck by the competence of every speaker at the conference.

Our feeling of satisfaction after The InDesign Conference is huge.

Thanks to the great organization, to the perfect audience, and the interesting themes, we had a fantastic time. Pagination showed itself once again to be an innovative and indispensable database publishing solution, which is continually drawing the attention of more people.

We built some important relationships, and we enjoyed the stimulating and engaging environment. We look forward to participating in another great event organized by CPN!
Last but not least, we are at your disposal for any inquiry and look forward to a successful working relationship.

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