Streamlining Multilingual Catalog Creation with Pagination

pelsis headquarters Date:13 juin 2023Author: [email protected]


Pelsis, a leading global manufacturer and distributor in the pest and lawn care markets, has revolutionized its catalog creation process with the help of Pagination. By automating their InDesign template, Pelsis now effortlessly produces catalogs in multiple languages within minutes, achieving remarkable results.

Company Overview

Pelsis boasts an extensive range of high-quality brands, including Insect-O-Cutor, Edialux, B&G, Brandenburg, Pest-Stop, Agrisense, Network, Bird-B-Gone, Luxan, Silvandersson, Green Protect, and P+ L Bathroom systems. With headquarters in the UK and 18 locations across Europe, the US, and China, Pelsis employs over 700 professionals. They serve customers in more than 80 countries through strategically positioned distribution centers and global logistics partners.

Challenges Faced

Prior to partnering with Pagination, Pelsis utilized alternative software for catalog production. Seeking a solution that could replicate their existing document format, they approached Pagination for assistance. Pelsis required a prototype that closely resembled the final catalog, as it was crucial for securing CEO approval. After conducting rigorous tests, the Pagination team successfully delivered a prototype that met Pelsis’ requirements, leading to their satisfaction and subsequent annual subscription.

The Impact of Pagination

Pagination’s contribution to Pelsis’ catalog creation process has been nothing short of remarkable. The automation of their new InDesign template has streamlined operations, resulting in the generation of complex documents within minutes. What previously demanded extensive time and effort now appears effortlessly as if crafted by hand.

Key Features and Benefits

  • InDesign Book Functionality: Pelsis has the flexibility to determine the cover file and the sequence of introductory and final pages, empowering them to customize their catalogs according to their preferences.
  • Full-Page Layout: Pelsis can seamlessly incorporate advertisements from one or multiple pages simultaneously, enhancing the visual appeal and promotional potential of their catalogs.
  • Automatic Color Management: Pagination’s system intelligently handles color changes for each category, leveraging data files to ensure consistency and visual coherence throughout the catalogs.
  • Interactive Table of Contents: The catalog’s table of contents showcases colors that correspond to different chapters, facilitating easy navigation and enhancing the overall user experience.


Thanks to Pagination, Pelsis now effortlessly produces multilingual catalogs in a matter of minutes. Partnering with Pagination has yielded outstanding results, enabling Pelsis to efficiently reach global markets and effectively communicate its diverse product offerings. Thanks to the new solution created by Pagination, Pelsis no longer has to worry about sorting out the catalog and can focus on providing exceptional pest and lawn care solutions, maintaining its leading position in the industry.

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