Pagination for home and furniture firms


The home and furniture industries face product information management challenges that include:

  • Extensive product lists that are grouped by size and finish
  • Variable product assortments based on distribution channels, with multiple variations commonplace even for single customers
  • Time to market must be minimized for all sales and marketing activities
  • Products must be presented with high-quality layouts and pictures
  • Complex product relationships exist between products, accessories and spare parts


Pagination’s tools offer home and furniture companies:

  • Systems for fast and efficient production of technical sheets, price lists etc.
  • Coherent brand identities that are simple to deploy across online, print and mobile channels
  • Digital asset management combines product images and documents across intranet and extranet storage
  • Flexible integration with in-house databases and third-party applications
  • Guaranteed compliance with the latest versions of InDesign (InDesign Desktop and InDesign Server)
  • Fast and flexible project deployment models – start on-demand before bringing same software in-house as your needs grow

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