InDesign Data Merge Resources (updated Nov. 2023)

Diving into the world of design often means encountering a plethora of tools and features that can streamline your workflow and enhance the quality of your projects. Among these, Adobe InDesign’s Data Merge stands out as a game-changer for designers working on repetitive and data-driven tasks.
Whether you’re looking to craft personalized event tickets, business cards, or a range of marketing materials, mastering Data Merge can save you hours of manual labor. For those eager to harness the full potential of this powerful feature, we’ve curated a list of the best tutorials and resources available.

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From beginners just getting started to seasoned professionals seeking advanced tricks, this comprehensive guide promises to elevate your InDesign Data Merge skills to new heights.


Data Merge for Flyers

This tutorial is clear and easy to follow. It demonstrates how to automate the creation of a flyer, providing an excellent opportunity to learn how to manage images using Data Merge and how to export individual pages as PDFs. Additionally, there is a video available on the page covering the same project for those who prefer video tutorials.

Data Merge for a Simple Product Catalog

This tutorial is both thorough and clear. Each step is meticulously explained, accompanied by visual aids, including screenshots for every stage. It guides readers on how to automate a simple product catalog, offering a prime opportunity to demonstrate managing multiple images with Data Merge and explaining the workings of the ‘multiple record layout’. While there isn’t a corresponding video for this tutorial, there are links to other valuable resources.

Data Merge for Personalized Envelopes

This tutorial focuses on one of the most common uses of data merge: personalizing envelopes. The process is well-documented, complete with screenshots for each step and clear explanations. Additionally, it offers numerous tips to avoid errors. However, this tutorial does not cover how to import images with data merge.

Data Merge InDesign

Data Merge for a Complex Product Catalog

This tutorial delves into the workings of data merge, using the creation of a data-rich catalog as a platform to explore the various options available within the data merge function. It covers everything from the differences in image-fitting settings to layout options, including both single and multiple records. Accompanying the tutorial is a related video. A notable section of this page highlights the limitations of the data merge functions, providing examples of what can and cannot be achieved.

Data Merge for Business Cards

The tutorial is presented in a video embedded on the page. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to correctly import data and export personalized business cards. However, it does not delve into the automatic image import feature of data merge.

Data Merge for Playing Cards

This tutorial focuses on the specialized production of character cards for card games. It offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide, emphasizing how to manage dynamic graphical elements. Additionally, it provides valuable tips for printing the exported document.


Approaching the data merge for the first time can lead to errors due to the many factors involved. This article presents the most common errors new users can encounter and how to solve them.

Insert QR codes

A hidden feature of InDesign’s data merge is the possibility to automatically create QR codes. This article explains how to do it, starting from the correct formatting of the data file. QR codes can point to a URL or set up an email message with recipient, and subject.

Changing layout during data merge

Once you mastered the basics of the data merge function, this article shows a very ingenious solution to automatically change page layouts on the same data merge flow.


Templates that can be automated with data merge

The following free templates serve as excellent starting points for practicing with data merge. While they aren’t integrated with data merge yet, their design is perfectly suited for automation. After mastering InDesign’s data merge through the linked tutorial, we suggest trying out these beautiful templates.

Real estate flyer

Id card

Business card


Note: Some of the images in this article have been created with ChatGPT-4

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