Greyson Clothiers creates their dream catalog with the help of Pagination

Greyson Clothiers is a clothing manufacturer that merges fashion with sport in order to create products that are suitable for the modern lifestyle. Greyson has shattered the idea that sport, tailored fashion and functionality could not coexist and redefined modern menswear and continues to deliver timeless styles.

What was the publishing process of the customer when he contacted us?

Before working with Pagination, Greyson created their catalogs manually in Adobe Illustrator and then exported them in PDF format which is a very long whining and work intensive process.
Their goal was to create their catalogs automatically to save time and work.

How did Pagination help Greyson Clothiers?

Greyson Clothiers had a very specific layout in mind that they wanted in their catalogs, the product information is positioned in a spread instead of having independent single pages. So, our team developed a custom template for the left side page that shows the model of the piece of clothing, and on the right side a template for all the color swatches and patterns that are available for each model. Now Greyson Clothiers can produce their catalogs automatically in minutes using their own custom layout.

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