How Kongskilde creates its price lists in a matter of minutes!

Kongskilde Data:1 Aprile 2022Autore: [email protected]

Kongskilde is a world-leading manufacturer of pneumatic conveying and material handling solutions for the paper, packaging, recycling, and plastic industries. It is headquartered in Denmark and has sales offices in 9 countries around the world.

What was the publishing process of the customer before contacting Pagination?

Before learning about Pagination, Kongskilde managed its price lists with several Excel, InDesign, and Word files. They had all the prices in an ERP system but still hadn’t found a tool that could lay out the data the way they wanted in InDesign documents. The last list made was an Excel file converted to PDF. The request was to create a document with InDesign similar to one they did in the past containing price data, technical specifications, and images.

How did Pagination help Kongskilde?

Pagination had to work with Konkgsilde on several fronts to achieve the desired result. On the data side, it was decided to create two data files: one with product information and one containing general information such as title, subtitle, date, address, terms and conditions, etc. The first contains the following fields: categories, category descriptions, images, product attributes, notes, etc. In addition, a series of special fields have been added to customize the document directly from the data file such as the “bold” field, to make only certain items bold. The second data file is the key for translations in several languages. On the design side, however, Pagination asked the Kongskilde designer to design the layouts to her liking, following simple guidelines. The result was a very rich and complete InDesign template, which allowed Kongskilde to create its catalogs quickly, without errors, and in the desired language!

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