Fashion Line Sheet Templates

In every kind of industry, line sheet templates, catalogs, and price lists are crucial tools for boosting sales. They enable you to showcase your products to retailers and potential buyers effectively. It’s essential that these documents are regularly updated and include your latest products and prices, featuring high-quality layouts and images to make a lasting impression.

  • Ensuring your line sheet template, catalog, or price list is clear, precise, and visually appealing is vital for presenting your products in the best possible light. All necessary information that a buyer needs should be readily available, but also packaged in a way that enhances your product’s appeal.

In the zip file you download, alongside the line sheet template for InDesign, Word, and PDF formats, you will discover a spreadsheet. By inputting your data into this spreadsheet, you can automatically generate your document in seconds, available as both PDF and InDesign files. This seamless process is facilitated by Pagination, a flexible cloud database publishing service that can be integrated with your custom InDesign layout, optimizing the creation of your line sheet templates.

By utilizing Pagination, you will be equipped to address several common requirements for those who manage product catalogs or price lists frequently:

  • Regular creation and updates of documents
  • Organizing products by type and category within your line sheet template
  • Including covers, tables of contents, and chapter separators for easy navigation
  • Applying rich text formatting for enhanced readability
  • Integrating data flexibly with in-house business applications for streamlined operations

This is the product information you should think of inserting into a line sheet.

You can find the same specs in the free Download Template

Header and Footer Info:

Product Data:

  • Genre: Men’s
  • Category: T-shirt
  • Product Name: Snow
  • Image: 1234.jpg
  • Style#: 1234
  • Description: Plain white tee
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Size: XS-XXL
  • Color: White
  • Wholesale Price: $20.00
  • Retail Price: $45.00
  • AIW Solutions offers editable templates for product line sheets, suitable for printing, email, or online wholesale catalogs.
  • Pricing varies by license type: Personal ($9.00USD), Commercial Suggested ($14.00USD), Extended Commercial ($36.00USD), and Enterprise (contact for quote).
  • Templates are available in multiple formats: Canva (5 products/page), Photoshop (well-organised, editable PSD), and Microsoft Word (linesheet.Doc and linesheet.docx, US letter size).
  • Special offers include free assets and site-wide savings for members, with the first download for free upon subscription.
  • Additional resources include tutorials for using the templates in Microsoft Word and Photoshop, available on the AIW Solutions blog.
  • Design Zone offers an editable Line Sheet and Catalog Product Template for wholesale, available for $16.00USD with different licensing options.
  • The template is designed for ease of use with simple photo placement and text editing, suitable for users without software experience.
  • Available in both Canva and InDesign formats, the template allows for full customization including colors, fonts, layouts, and images.
  • The package includes a Canva file with A4 and US Letter sizes, a PDF instructions file, and a 10-page design template. InDesign files come with CMYK print-ready files, bleed settings, and free fonts.
  • Support is provided for users, with editable file formats in INDD and IDML for Adobe InDesign CC & CS4, ensuring ease of customization and design flexibility.
  • Meenom Design offers a customizable Line Sheet Template for Canva, ideal for showcasing product catalogs, available for €3,69 EUR with Premium and Corporate licensing options.
  • The template includes photo columns, price lists, product colors, and sizes, catering to any wholesale business needs, and is customizable with your brand’s logo, text, color, and layout.
  • Available in A4 and US Letter sizes, the template features two pages with different designs and is editable exclusively in Canva, with links provided in a PDF file upon purchase.
  • The design allows for the addition of free elements and fonts from Canva, ensuring the template can be customized for any type of business.
  • For use, a free Canva account is required, and the template is best edited on a Laptop/PC. Post-editing, templates can be downloaded in PDF or JPG formats for printing and sharing. Note: Photos in the template are illustrative only and not included in the download file.
  • Designed for clothing wholesalers to showcase products and prices.
  • Includes cover page, about us page, product pages, new collection page, bestseller pages, and details/FAQ page.
  • Size: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).
  • Can be edited using Canva, a graphic design platform.
  • Digital download, no physical product shipped.
  • Link
  • Wholesale Product Catalog Design: Offers a versatile catalog/flyer/line sheet template suitable for wholesale products, featuring a minimalist and clean display.
  • Editable Canva Templates: Provides editable Canva templates allowing customization of colors, fonts, and elements to suit individual preferences.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality makes customization straightforward, even for beginners.
  • Multiple Usage: Can be utilized repeatedly for various products, enabling flexibility in showcasing different merchandise.
  • Commercial Use: Comes with commercial rights, allowing for the creation of promotional materials for resale or distribution.
  • Link.
  • Minimalist Line Sheet Templates: Available in 2 different layouts, these templates are designed for use on Canva, offering simplicity and ease of use for presenting product information.
  • Customizable and Compatible: The templates are fully customizable, allowing users to modify text, fonts, colors, and sections. They are compatible with both Mac and PC systems.
  • Digital Download: Purchasers receive 2 PDF files containing the templates. They can access them via Canva after purchasing and downloading the PDF.
  • Usage Instructions: A step-by-step guide is provided, detailing how to access and edit the templates on Canva, emphasizing the simplicity and convenience of the process.
  • Seller Reputation and Policy: The seller boasts a 5-star rating, ensuring quality and reliability. The purchase is for personal use only, with no physical product shipped.
  • Link
  • Editable Canva Templates: Fully customizable wholesale product catalog/flyer/line sheet templates designed for easy editing on Canva, allowing users to adjust colors, fonts, and elements effortlessly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a simple drag-and-drop interface, these templates are suitable for beginners and experienced designers alike, enabling easy customization without the need for advanced software like Photoshop.
  • Commercial Use: Purchase includes PDF instructions for accessing the templates on Canva, facilitating commercial use for planning goals, promoting products, or creating catalogs for businesses.
  • Multiple Pages: Each purchase offers a set of 10 pages design templates, providing versatility for showcasing various products or services within a cohesive catalog or promotional flyer.
  • Instant Download: Immediate access to digital files upon payment confirmation, ensuring quick implementation of the templates for designing professional-looking promotional materials.
  • Link
  • Line sheet bundle offers professional presentation for product sales.
  • Includes 10 pages with various layouts and instructions for customization.
  • Templates are designed for easy editing in Canva, a user-friendly platform.
  • Purchasing grants immediate access to digital downloads for instant use.
  • Offer valid until February 29, with a discounted price of USD 7.50 (original USD 15.00).
  • Link.
  • Template Description: Simple and minimal portrait line sheet flyer layout template suitable for product catalogs.
  • Customizable Design: Editable template designed for users with basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for printing from local printers, sending via email to customers, or using as an online wholesale catalog.
  • Features: Includes A4 & US Letter sizes, CMYK & print-ready files with 0.25 in bleed. Comes with 2 Photoshop PSD files and free fonts.
  • Support Availability: Continuous support available 24/7 for any assistance or inquiries regarding the template.
  • Link.
  • Line sheet templates available in Canva, Photoshop, InDesign, and MS Word formats.
  • Designed for professional communication with buyers, showcasing product info and contact details.
  • Customizable templates with space for logos, product images, and information.
  • Includes four different layouts for versatile presentation options.
  • Instant download upon purchase, with instructions provided for editing and printing, compatible with various programs.
  • Link.
  • Price: The current price is USD 7.94, with an original price of USD 10.58. Additionally, there’s a discount of 25% for the next 15 hours.
  • Item Details: The product is a digital download available in PDF format. It includes a wholesale line sheet template designed for A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm).
  • How it Works: After purchase, the buyer can download the PDF document, which contains a link to access the template on Canva, a graphic design platform. The buyer can then edit the template on Canva, save the changes, and download the file.
  • Important Notes:
    • The templates can only be edited on Canva and not on other design software.
    • Product photos shown in the listing are not included in the template.
    • Since it’s a digital product, there are no physical shipments, and refunds/cancellations are not available after purchase.
  • Delivery: Instant download is available once the payment is confirmed.
  • Link: Lonnieandco
  • Line Sheet Template available in CANVA & InDesign formats
  • Designed for presenting products & prices to wholesalers
  • 14 customizable templates for cohesive & professional brand presentation
  • Suitable for retail & wholesale pricing, SKU#, and color options
  • Templates include cover, pricing, testimonials, product photos, etc.
  • Link
  • Line sheets are vital marketing tools for buyers and retailers, containing all necessary purchasing information in an intuitive layout.
  • Editable Line Sheet and Catalog Product Template available in Canva or InDesign, allowing for easy customization of colors, fonts, images, and layouts.
  • Templates come with printable PDF documents and instructions for both Canva and InDesign versions.
  • Formats include A4 & US Letter sizes, CMYK & Print ready files, with 0.125 in bleed, suitable for professional printing.
  • Adobe InDesign CC & CS4 are the software used, with support available for any assistance needed.
  • Link
  • Line Sheet Wholesale Canva Template offered by Hellohastore
  • Price options: Personal, Commercial, Extended Commercial, with respective prices
  • Line sheets are crucial for marketing to potential buyers and retailers
  • Canva offers easy customization for those without graphic design skills
  • Instructions provided for accessing and editing the Canva template; resale or modification restrictions emphasized

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