How NationsBenefits improved the creation of its catalogs!

nationsbenefits Date:2 December 2022Author: [email protected]

NationsBenefits is an American company that partners with managed care organizations to provide healthcare solutions, supplemental benefits, payments platform, and member engagement solutions. They help health plans deliver more benefits to their members. It is headquartered in Plantation, Florida and has 1,500 employees nationwide. They have centers in California, Kansas, Florida and Tennessee and distribution centers in California, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Utah. NationsBenefits provides hundreds of branded and generic products, health and wellness items, first aid supplies, and various foods available in all CMS-approved categories for home delivery at no additional cost. They also offer an e-commerce experience that can be tailored to fit your health plan.

What was the publishing process of the customer before contacting Pagination?

NationsBenefits contacted us to improve the process of creating their catalogs. Before they knew Pagination, they were using an automated software that didn’t allow them to make edits to the documents. Therefore they needed a more powerful tool that would allow them to get an editable file in InDesign format.

How did Pagination help NationsBenefits?

Once the requirements were gathered and analyzed, Pagination created a proof of concept to show NationsBenefits what the document would look like if they used the service. The reaction of NationsBenefits was enthusiastic and they immediately decided to start the collaboration.

The document that Pagination creates for NationsBenefits consists of two parts, the first is a selection of products with images, while the second shows a table layout. NationsBenefits can choose, from the datasheet, whether to have the product appear in both sections, only in the first or only in the second. Therefore NationsBenefits can produce three different documents, one with only the products with related images, one with only the product tables, and one with both layouts.

NationsBenefits produces documents in several languages ​​in addition to English: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. To do this, a special data file was created which is used to manage the translations of the table headers. They also requested additional features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) and on the infrastructure side, they asked us to use a data center located in the US. Recently they asked us to create up to 3 documents at the same time. NationsBenefits is growing rapidly in recent years thanks also to the powerful service offered by Pagination!

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