Italian Technology Used to Create Student Guides for 240 US Universities

Pagination is featured on IlSole24Ore, the leading economic Italian newspaper, talking about its collaboration with Around Campus in the creation of the student guides for 240 US Universities. See our English summary below.

With an average age of 29,6; new recruitment to support a revenue growth of over 40% in the last year; and leading companies like Quattroruote, Geox, and Fantoni as customers, Pagination is an Italian cloud database publishing software already settled in the Italian market that now is winking at the international one.

The interest is mutual, since the first international collaborations have arrived in the form of English and Australian customers in the catering, pharmacy, and office supplies industries. Recently, Around Campus, one of the most established college media and marketing companies in the US, has chosen to use Pagination’s services.

Around Campus is an American industry leader in collegiate publishing. Every year, it produces more than 1.5 million planners for students at over 200 universities, including Duke University, UC Berkeley, Florida State University, and Georgia Tech, as well as hundreds of other publications with over 300 million pages of valuable information for campus communities.

To optimize the creation of this vast amount of data to be published, Around Campus chose to align with Pagination. Pagination’s cloud database publishing software allows users to automatically create any kind of document. Further, since it is based on a cloud infrastructure, it is accessible anytime and from anywhere, which makes it possible to create documents in minutes, realizing significant time and cost savings.

The collaboration with Around Campus began in September 2017, and the first guides were created, printed, and released to several universities in October. For the company, creating its editorial projects with Pagination will make it easier to create more documents, in less time, and with better results.

The service was born in 2009, but the choice to aim everything to the cloud and to give birth to Pagination as it exists today dates to 2015. Luca Reginato, Pagination’s founder, explains the choice, “We knew we had a qualitatively very good solution and that the need to create catalogs and price lists is universal. We needed a way to work with our customers in a flexible way and to respond to the interest shown by foreign companies. The cloud was the solution. In addition to the flexibility, the cloud provides recently consolidated technical solutions and lots of computing power to meet even the most demanding project requirements.”

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