Printed Trail Materials: Brochures, Posters, and Design Elements for Hikers

Date:6 January 2024Author: [email protected]

Unlike many other areas of modern business, the tourism industry cannot exist without brightly colored printed materials. Booklets, brochures, and posters in hiking tourism play the role of a trigger that finally influences the client’s decision to purchase a hiking tour. Equally important is branded printing, which is aimed at distinguishing your tourism company from the competition and attracting attention to your services.

Key Tasks Of Printed Trail Materials

The main product of the tourism sphere is positive emotions that give travel and a qualitatively organized vacation. Most people better perceive visual information printed in promotional brochures for tourists as bright photos. This is why in the arsenal of every major hiking agency are a lot of colorful magazines and brochures describing the advantages and attractions of different destinations, trails, mountains, cities, and resorts. 

Suppose, you want to promote your Switzerland hut-to-hut hiking tour. The potential client gets the most complete idea of the future hiking journey with the printed trail materials. By the way, not even a very competent and qualified manager’s story can describe the value to the potential client, like printed trail materials.

The main task of printed trail materials is to contribute to the fact that the potential client is first interested in the proposal and then decides to buy a hiking tour. Therefore, printing calendars and guides are entrusted only to professional printing companies whose specialists can produce high-class promotional products that meet even VIP clients’ needs. 


But not every printing house will undertake to fulfill a complex order. Small companies and firms without experience do not have the production capacity to print high-quality flyers and posters for hikers, not to mention the production of multi-page booklets and brochures.


In tourism, in addition to developed social networks and websites, quality paper products are also important. We mean a tactile, not virtual, product that can always be browsed.

The Role Of Printed Trail Materials To Promote A Hiking Tour

Not only hiking tours and trails need advertising, but also the hiking agency itself, so booklets in tourism play a double function. They describe the company’s offers, allowing the client to plan his or her vacation. On the other hand, they give the opportunity to get acquainted with the hiking agency. For this purpose, they are used:


  • Souvenir products with the logo and slogan of the hiking agency
  • Digital printing of posters, wall and desk calendars, envelopes, etc.
  • Handouts with information about “hot” tours and special offers


The use of informative image flyers and brochures for tourists allows a hiking agency to announce its existence and draw the attention of potential customers to its offers.

Advantages Of Printed Trail Materials

Among the huge number of advertising methods, tourism most often chooses exactly polygraphic products. High-quality advertising printing familiarizes customers with hiking offers, informs them about the hiking tour’s advantages, and confirms the text with bright photos.


Widespread printing of calendars and travel guides and the production of advertising magazines, brochures, and booklets contribute to the advantages of printed materials. They include:


  • Affordable price
  • Wide audience coverage
  • Take with you and thoroughly study the advertising and informational material
  • Large volumes: the production of posters and brochures can amount to a thousand copies
  • Unobtrusiveness – brochures do not irritate potential consumers of services, but they often influence the final decision to buy a hiking tour
  • Long period of validity – the use of brochures for tourists is counted in years since the hiking areas do not often change
  • Mobility – materials can be taken home for detailed study, brought to work, or left for friends, increasing the target audience of consumers


So, tourism brochures, magazines, and booklets play a key role, and a paper guide to the trail is an invariable companion in any journey. Their use allows the company to declare itself by placing the name, logo, advertising slogan, and contact information on the cover. Involuntarily, a person studying the advertising material remembers the hiking tour company, so if the trip is postponed, next time, he or she is likely to turn to the services of a familiar company.


Printed trail materials such as brochures, posters, and design elements not only provide valuable information about trails, safety guidelines, and local attractions but also serve as souvenirs and mementos of unforgettable outdoor experiences. Through thoughtful design and informative content, these materials contribute to the promotion of environmental awareness, encourage responsible hiking practices, and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world. As technology continues to evolve, the importance of printed trail materials remains undeniable, serving as enduring companions on the journey to exploration and discovery in the great outdoors.

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