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Standard projects

Our simplest solution – cloud pagination – enables you to manage products and create/edit beautiful documents with a single spreadsheet. The workflow is simple: you submit your layout template, edit your data online, upload images, and then download the finished designs as PDFs or InDesign files.

The system combines product information management and database publishing, and the documents produced are ready for deployment online, in print or in mobile applications. Using your cloud-based spreadsheets as repositories for your product information can also facilitate collaboration within your workgroups.

Every cloud pagination package allows you to create unlimited documents with unlimited pages and products. You’ll be amazed at how far a single spreadsheet can take your project.

Complex projects

More complex data models can benefit from our dedicated Product Information Management (PIM) system. This system creates the same beautiful documents as our cloud pagination service but can also handle:

  • Long product descriptions
  • Complicated product relationships (e.g. bundles, accessories, spare parts)
  • Multiple languages, currencies and/or pricing structures
  • Extended team collaboration and user management requirements

Your PIM system will be customized to your industry’s product information and product relationship management best practices. It’ll also be optimized for batch importing/exporting, precise product information editing, high-level team collaboration and real-time syncing with in-house databases and third-party applications.

As with our cloud pagination service, all documents created with your PIM system will be ready for immediate use in print, online and on mobile devices.

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