You can count on us

We’re real people who take pride in customer satisfaction.

Your sales and marketing departments are fast-paced environments, and change is likely to be your only constant. In us you’ll find a partner that can adapt quickly whenever your requirements change. Our flexibility and expertise has been proven across hundreds of projects, and we’re ready to collaborate closely to deliver your projects on time.

Extended trials

We like to prove our commitment to first-rate service by giving every potential customer a free extended trial. This offer gives first-hand insight into what it’s like to work with Pagination – and lets us show off the skills that we’ve developed after completing successful projects for the past six years.

Want us to take a look at your project? Just send over a few details and we’ll get started.

Customer satisfaction

Some of our customers have come back to us with pretty great feedback. We’ve included a few examples here, and we’ll be glad to provide a complete reference list on request.

After many years we continue to be impressed by Pagination’s flexibility and fast turnaround time.
– Sales Manager, Manufacturing

The guys at Pagination are rock solid.
– Marketing Manager, Distribution

I’ve trusted Pagination with the most complex of our mission-critical activities for many years. They help us many times each month and have never let us down. I’ve often needed to change project requirements on the fly and they’ve always adapted quickly and delivered on time.
– IT Manager, Publishing

They listen to our needs and support us accordingly.
– Marketing Manager, Distribution

It doesn’t matter what we need: at Pagination they find a solution or build us one.
– Sales Manager, Manufacturing

  [email protected]
+39.0423.191.6.191 (EU)
+1.347.708.1.631 (USA)

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Our data centers/offices

Pagination S.r.l.
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Castelfranco Veneto – TV – Italy
VAT Ex. Nr. IT04279160263


We have hundreds of project under our belt. With knowledge of specific industries like: automotive, distribution, fashion, furniture, creative agencies and manufacturing.


Start on-demand, then bring the same software in-house as your needs grow.


Solutions-based pricing examples that help you know what to expect in terms of budget.