Pagination sponsor at CreativePro Week 2017

Date:5 6 月 2017Author: Luca Reginato

The partnership between Pagination and CreativePro Week has been renewed in 2017, following Pagination’s participation at PePcon in June and at the InDesign Conference in November 2016.

This year, CreativePro Week is based in Atlanta and brings together the four essential conferences for creative professionals: PePcon, the InDesign Conference, PsAi, and the Creative Developers Summit.

Pagination is pleased to sponsor CreativePro Week. It is the essential event for designers, publishers, and Adobe Suite users, so it is the perfect environment for the Pagination database publishing solution. In fact, Pagination’s aim is to help customers streamline their database publishing projects to create professional and ready-to-print catalogs, price lists, and line sheets.

Find out how to create beautiful and precise documents with ease with our software for better database publishing.


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