Automatic creation of price lists and easy management of tables: What First Impressions is achieving with Pagination

Date:27 5 月 2019Author: Luca Reginato

First Impressions International is a US-based company that focuses on the design of high-quality hardware for architectural doors. The company was founded in 1999 and, over the years, has created custom hardware for well-known brands like Chanel, UGG, Hard Rock, and Disney.

First Impressions’ need: Optimization of price list creation

First Impressions contacted us in February 2019, because they were looking for a smart and easy way to update their price list on a tight deadline. The price list is part of a larger catalog composed of a variety of layouts. Before using Pagination, they created this document manually, which led to a lot of struggles, since it was quite complex and the products are divided into many levels.

Custom implementation for full document automation

To manage the peculiarities of this project, our Development Team created some custom rules that allow First Impressions to manage the complexity of their document easily.

The first is linked to tables. They use double headers, because every product has a different range of characteristics associated with it, since the price list also works as a configurator. Our team developed a rule that allows First Impressions to handle these double headers automatically, without struggling.

Another interesting custom feature that Pagination implemented in the project is related to the automatic creation of tables beginning with each product’s code. This means that, depending on the SKU that First Impressions inserts in the data file, different types of tables will be created automatically.

Using Pagination, First Impressions has significantly reduced the creation time needed for its price lists, while saving money and increasing accuracy.

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