June 2018, let’s meet in New Orleans at the InDesign Conference

Date:26 Mart 2018Author: Luca Reginato

For the third year, Pagination has renewed its partnership with CreativePro Week, the essential event for designers, publishers, and Adobe Suite users.

This year, CreativePro Week is based in New Orleans, from June 4th to June 8th.
The event brings together the four essential conferences for creative professionals: PePcon, the Print + ePublishing conference; the InDesign Conference; PsAi, the Photoshop + Illustrator conference; and Click, the presentation design conference.

As always, Pagination is thrilled to attend this event. It will be a chance to present its database publishing service to a worldwide audience of professionals; meet all the experts in the fields of illustration, design, production, and publishing; attend innovative workshops and tutorials; and to stay current on all the latest industry news.

Pagination looks forward to meeting everyone who wants to know more about their services at their stand in the exhibition hall.

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