How Pagination is helping Almacabio to restyle its price list and create its new product sheets

Date:28 maj 2018Author: Luca Reginato

Almacabio continues its course of strategic marketing, which began in 2015, with the restyling of its price list and the creation of new data sheets for its products. It does all this with the help of Pagination.

Almacabio is a pioneer in the eco-bio-compatible detergents space. Since 1974, the company has created eco-bio-compatible products for household cleaning and body care. All of the components used in Almacabio’s products are completely biodegradable and plant-derived and hold a Bio CEQ certification, a specific certification scheme for environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The company was the idea of three German students who wanted to produce eco-friendly detergents, something that did not exist in the 1970s. They made their first products from castile soap flakes, active oxygen, and essential oils. Several years later, after relocating to Italy, Almacabio continued growing and eventually conquered a significant share of the market in Spain, Greece, and Eastern Europe.

Almacabio is creating a new price list for 2018 featuring a completely new design and new data sheets describing all products’ specifications. The design of these documents will be handled in collaboration with Pagination.

Most importantly, Pagination will take care of the automation of these documents. Almacabio will be able to create its price list and data sheets automatically, simply by uploading the database with all product information (which Pagination specifically made for the company) to Pagination’s cloud infrastructure. In just a few minutes, the price list and the data sheet will be created, in both PDF and InDesign formats, and ready for print and digital distribution. The products in the price list will be complete with automatically generated barcodes and links to the company’s e-commerce website.

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