How BinMaster is creating its interactive catalog automatically with Pagination

Date:1 mars 2019Author: Luca Reginato

BinMaster is a US-based manufacturer of solid-state point and continuous bin level indicators, control systems, and sensoring devices. BinMaster products are distributed throughout the United States, from Alaska to Alabama and California to Pennsylvania.

BinMaster’s needs: optimize the creation of their catalog and increase users’ involvment

Last fall, the company contacted Pagination for two reasons.

First, they had to find a solution to optimize the creation of their catalog. They had been creating their catalog manually, so keeping it updated was challenging and very time-consuming. Also, the document was used online, and the company wanted to increase users’ involvement with this tool.

Pagination’s solution: An automated and interactive catalog

With Pagination, BinMaster can now overcome these issues. Pagination’s cloud infrastructure enables the company to create its catalog automatically. The document has about 100 pages and is composed of a mix of tables and text. Now, BinMaster only has to upload their custom data file containing all the necessary information to Pagination’s cloud infrastructure. The catalog is then automatically created and ready for the web. The handcrafted content (like graphs and diagrams) that BinMaster inserts in their catalog, which can’t be automated, are integrated into a seamless workflow resulting in high quality final documents.

Users’ involvement with the catalog is ensured by the interactive product pages created with Pagination. While users surf through the document, they can click on single products to open the corresponding product page on the website and, eventually, proceed with the purchase of the article.

Now, working with Pagination, BinMaster can increase the efficiency and accuracy of their catalog creation process while reducing time and production costs.

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