How Paint Sundries Solutions creates and updates both its catalog and roadshow price list

Date:29 november 2019Author: [email protected]

Paint Sundries Solutions has provided innovative supply chain solutions to retail and manufacturer partners in the architectural coatings industry since 1958. PSS has distribution centers in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Harrisburg, delivering more than 10,000 products to 3,500 retail customers across the country.

Why did PSS contact Pagination?

 Paint Sundries Solutions was looking for a fast solution to create and update its catalog when needed. Surfing the Web, they found Pagination’s cloud service. They already had the layout in InDesign format and a well-structured data file that they’d used previously to create their catalog.

Target achieved: Creation of a 1000-page catalog in less than an hour!

PSS finally reached his goal. Now, they can create unlimited catalogs in terms of assortment and price. After a few months of using our service, they asked Pagination to restyle and automate another document, the Roadshow Price List. Now, PSS creates its documents in minutes using the Pagination Service by simply uploading a data sheet and product images to the Pagination Cloud.

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