Monthly updates on more than 1500 products for Bubbles Wholesale’s brochures

Date:27 Haziran 2018Author: Luca Reginato

Bubbles Wholesale is one of Ireland’s largest independent wholesalers, established in 2010 between Belfast and Dublin. Bubbles is a supplier of confectioneries, soft drinks, groceries, household items, hardware, toiletries, pet care, and many other products, and it gives its customers the option of ordering online.

Bubbles creates a monthly brochure to present its range of more than 1,500 products and provides daily specials throughout the year with special promotions for their customers.

Bubbles’ collaboration with Pagination was born in June 2018 to address the company’s desire to optimize its documents’ creations. The wide range of products offered requires a flexible system that allows for the easy creation of these monthly brochures, and Bubbles was looking for a way to update them on demand. Pagination’s service responded to Bubbles’ needs.

Bubbles Wholesale will work with Pagination to create its monthly brochures, presenting more than 1,500 products and constantly updating them with new products, prices, and promotional information. Brochures will be created for the Irish market with currency in euros, and for Northern Ireland in pounds, complete with automatically created barcodes. The brochures made with Pagination will be created automatically by converting all company data into documents that are ready for printing or digital distribution, ensuring both huge time and cost savings for Bubbles.

You can download Bubbles Wholesale’s brochures from their website:

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