Tile Redi, a leading American manufacturer of tileable bath products, chose Pagination to empower their editorial projects

Date:23 Şubat 2018Author: Luca Reginato

Tile Redi is the American company with the industry’s largest selection of tileable products and the inventor of and market leader for Ready-to-Tile™, one-piece, easy-to-install shower pans. Tile Redi offer the industry’s largest selection of Ready-to-Tile™ products, including one-piece shower pans in a variety of models, shower shelves, shower seats, shaving steps, and decorative shelf kits.


Tile Redi’s goal is to make the shower selection and installation process as easy as possible, while delivering the designer look customers desire.

Since February 2018, Pagination has overseen the automatic publication of all of Tile Redi’s new catalogs.

By partnering with Pagination, Tile Redi will reduce their catalogs’ production time, increase precision, and accelerate the time-to-market for new catalog launches.

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