Fantoni Group, italian leader in furnishing, chose Pagination to improve the management process, the creation and the up dating of their price list. With a turnover of 400 million euros, an international market and more than 1200 employees in the seven companies of the group, Fantoni is a successful industrial entity in the production of office furniture, chipboard and MDF panels.

We are talking about more than 150 pages, featuring 2000 products presented in 5 languages, divided in different categories and measures and that group more than 80 finishes. Moreover, prices vary according to the target market, even in different currencies.

Thanks to Pagination we are finally able to satisfy all our requirements in an optimal workflow. The creation of the price list lasts some minutes and the prices are updated in few seconds.

“Changes and edits are directly made by our management system. We just have to do these once and they will feature in the price list. All the workflow is more efficient and every change enhance the value of our products information.”


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