Create an information-intensive catalog

Date:20 juli 2017Author: Luca Reginato

Advice from our Graphic Designer

Creating a catalog or a price list is a fundamental activity. These documents are two of the main sales tools that contribute both to revenue growth and brand awareness. We want to create high-quality documents, and to do that, we must pay close attention to design and to the information we have to insert. Data must be correct, precise, and easy to digest.

Let’s see our Graphic Designer’s tips on how to create information-intensive catalogs:

The aim of a catalog is to promote and sell your products in a market. For this reason, during the design stage, you have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to ensure the catalog is user-friendly; complete in the information it provides; and appealing, since it’s like a business card.”

Creating a catalog with these requirements is a challenging task, even for simple catalogs that feature a limited range of products and include only essential information (an example is the classic Weekly Ads).

If we are faced with creating a catalog composed of thousands of products, with several categories, dozens of attributes and tables, multiple images, and so on, such a document could become a challenging task. In addition, frequent updates and different versions (language, price, or product range) of the same document are often necessary.

Hence the need to use a system that optimizes catalog creation and allows you to create high-quality documents, reducing time and costs.

Pagination handles complex documents daily… And thanks to its cloud database publishing service that is suited to the customer’s needs, these kinds of projects are easily managed with only one data sheet!”

To find out the structure of an information-intensive catalog, both for logic and design, we created a free downloadable template. It is completely editable and you can use it to start planning your project.

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