Led Catalog Design Template

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Creating a catalog can be a challenging task. For instance, it can be difficult to create a complex catalog that contains several tables, long descriptions, product accessories, a multitude of pictures, and datasheets that provide considerable information. With Pagination’s cloud software, you can now complete this process with ease.

At Pagination, we created a new spreadsheet data model to simplify the management of your product information. This spreadsheet model is already linked to our document creation service.

Pagination allows its customers to create a personalized catalog layout and to control all of their data through the use of two or more datasheets (e.g., Calc, LibreOffice, Microsoft Excel, or Google Spreadsheet). The following are just a few Pagination’s many available features:

  • Text with different formatting rules for fonts, colors, font sizes, paragraphs, line spaces, bulleted lists, and more.
  • HTML tags that provide consistency to long descriptions.
  • Multiple product table styles (e.g., horizontal or vertical SKU structures).
  • Product accessories, multiple relations, and more.

To review Pagination’s offered solutions, please download the free Led Catalog Design Template. This template provides PDF, Excel, Word, and INDD files complete with links.

By using Pagination’s cloud database publishing software, companies can easily manage all of their data, create the perfect custom layouts, and produce any kind of document with a spreadsheet using Pagination’s cloud infrastructure anywhere and anytime. These services can reduce costs to publication, increase marketing speed, and enable better data and layout consistency. In summary, to discover Pagination is to discover a new way of data publishing.

2 responses to “Led Catalog Design Template”

  1. Adrian says:

    nice catalog template. I will use it for my advertising agency.

  2. Amod says:

    Very good

Catalog automation?

Publishing a product catalog or a price list is a challenging task that can put pressure on even the best marketing teams.

You can use Pagination to automatically create a catalog in just a few seconds that is always ready for print or digital distribution.

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