We wouldn’t get these results with any other system!

Cambielli Edilfriuli Group is the biggest Italian network of plumbing suppliers.

The company was founded in 1919 in Milan; today it is the most important plumbing supplier in Italy.

Cambielli Group has:

  • An annual turnover of over 600 million euros,
  • 190,000 registered customers,
  • 214 retail stores in Italy and worldwide,
  • 4 centralized logistic platforms and
  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours.

Cambielli Group handles over 800,000 products every day. These products are listed in an annual catalog with over 1,300 pages, which is printed in two languages and distributed to customers and sellers. There are also several versions of the catalog for specific markets and product categories.

In 2015, Cambielli Group and Pagination collaborated for the first time to create one of these specific versions of the catalog. In 2016, their collaboration was expanded to include the General Catalog and all of Cambielli’s product publications.

Fabrizio Leone, web content manager and publishing director of the company, describes the Cambielli Group’s experience Pagination: “We found Pagination’s solutions five or six years ago, but at that time our management had other priorities than updating our publishing system. So the project was delayed. It was re-opened last year during an internal restructuring. We had problems with our old database publishing program and needed to update it. Pagination allows us to do it in the best way.”

Pagination was also very satisfied with the collaboration, as Luca Reginato, project manager of Pagination, explains: “We are very happy about the opportunity to work with the Cambielli Group. First of all, it’s wonderful to work with a company that is a leader in its sector. Also, this project allowed us to add new processes and features while decreasing complexity and the number of tools required.”

Fabrizio Leone has a lot to say about Pagination:

“We contacted Pagination in 2015 during a transition phase. We were looking for a database publishing system to replace our previous software. The old one didn’t respond to our needs anymore; it was very rigid and didn’t offer enough options. We needed to find a flexible, effective solution for paginating our catalogs.

“So we decided to test Pagination’s services. The deciding factor for us was how well Pagination’s database publishing service could work with our legacy data. With precise editing, the graphic layout that we wanted, and a little setup of their online platform, we could now paginate all the catalogs and price lists that we needed – quickly and with just a few clicks.

Their services changed how we work and allowed us to improve our catalogs’ publishing processes.

“First of all, the system is very easy to use. We were used to a complex in-house software, and now we can handle everything with an easy structure of shared online folders. We upload our data, and in a few minutes, we have our paginated documents.

“Pagination significantly reduced the time required to create our catalogs. Before using Pagination, we needed days just to import our product data into the software; now everything is quicker and easier, with no waste of time.

“Another great benefit is instant synchronization between data and paginated documents, made possible by cloud-based shared folders. You can change information about an article, and the change is synced to the InDesign file. You don’t even need to open the publisher software. It is incredible to think that with our old system it took an entire day just to synchronize the data.

“And Pagination’s system gives us a lot of freedom in term of formatting, personalization and contents. A revealing episode: when we were still using the previous software, we decided to reduce our catalog format by one centimeter. To do this, with the previous software, we had to call the developer service. They sent two technicians, who spent two days setting up the new measurements. It was a real waste of time and money. But with Pagination, all of this could have been set up quickly online. Our team could do it in a few minutes. The service is very flexible and lets us define the graphic layout and content of our catalogs completely independently.

“At any time, we can easily paginate some products, translate the catalog into other languages, change values, or edit colors, fonts or measures.

“We are very glad that we introduced Pagination in our company.”

“It has helped us overcome a deadlock; it took us from a difficult situation to an efficient one. We saved money while increasing speed and maintaining our creative autonomy. Switching to Pagination has been a victory in every way.

“We wouldn’t get these results with any other system!”

Mithilfe von Pagination konnten wir Geld sparen, die Geschwindigkeit steigern und unsere kreative Autonomie bewahren.

Fabrizio Leone Web Content Manager

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