Field notes from PePcon 2016

Date:16 junio 2016Author: Luca Reginato

As many of you no doubt know, was part of the latest edition of PePconLuca and Daniele from our team were in San Diego from the 5th to the 8th of June to be part of the world’s top Print + ePublishing Conference.

PePcon brings together the world’s top publishing experts, Adobe engineers, and developers. For us, it offered the perfect audience to present’s solutions to the US market.

We spent the four days of the conference learning, connecting with insiders, and making new friends. During our breakfast session, we also had the opportunity to speak and show how the system works. We enjoyed the whole experience. There’s so much we will remember, and we would like to share with you our wrap up report on PePcon.

So let’s go through our “What we really liked about PePcon” list.


They are the real added value of PePcon, both professionally and personally. We met a lot of skilled professionals, all of whom loved to share their experiences, tips and tricks. They gave us encouragement, valid suggestions, and also asked helpful questions. We had lots of high-quality conversations and felt very inspired. The PePcon Community is a true creative environment.


Everyone at PePcon was friendly and easygoing, from the top gurus to the support staff. It’s a great Community sharing passions, information, and ideas on all things print and ePublishing. The best way to evolve is to share information and experiences. And bringing the entire industry together for an event like PePcon is the best way to make that happen.

State of the Art

Over twenty of the leading experts in publishing were part of PePcon. There were some of the gurus that we follow and look to for inspiration. We really felt like being on the cutting edge of our industry. It was an honor for us to present our solutions to such an audience and also have the privilege to speak with them, exchange ideas and, listen to their suggestions.

Impeccable Organization

The event’s organizing was perfect. David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción from InDesignSecrets put together a great schedule, full of tutorials and learning experiences. We also owe a shout out to Marcy Eversole, the woman behind PePcom. She dealt with all the organizational stuff, gave patient answers to all our long emails and solved most of our problems.


PePcon was pretty much a culinary paradise. We had four days of great eating!

Wow Factor

We attended most of the tutorials and the sessions, and they all were very interesting and instructive. We were impressed by the oratory skills and the charisma of the speakers. They explained tricky InDesign stuff, entertained and engaged the audience, all at the same time. As Jonathan Levy would say, “a few fascinating feats of magic and production — presti-design-itation. Mystery, laughs and inspiration await!”

Tips & Tricks

Needless to say, we learned a lot and brought home some tasty InDesign tips. We can’t wait to put them to work. Take a look at the cool InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts above! Thanks to Ripon Printers and Adobe Certified Instructor James Wamser for providing them.


At PePcon we also had the chance to encounter the state of the art in our industry and get to know all the other data publishing solutions. Now we are pretty sure that no one does data publishing as well as we do. We are the only one offering data publishing as a cloud-based service. We are one-of-a-kind. Our fresh approach aroused the curiosity and the interest of many, and we are extremely pleased about it.

Mighty Handbook

The Print Handbook by Andy Brown was the best partner we could ever have at PePcon. It was a big hit with the attendees, as you can see from the video above. Everyone loved it and asked for a copy. Its mighty but handy content solves most of those tricky printing situations. That’s exactly what does for database publishing. We share the same user-friendly but powerful logic.

So thank you Andy for being such an ideal partner on this adventure!


It was our first time at a big international conference and we felt absolute newbies. But we put a lot of enthusiasm into it, and we did our best. We met a lot of interesting people, had high-quality conversations, made new connections, learned new things, but above all we had a lot of fun. We are happy about how the whole experience turned out, and how the audience received us and our solutions.

Let’s Get Down to Business

Last but not least, we built a wider and stronger business network. We met new contacts, potential customers, and resellers, and we are already in talks for some free trials of our solutions.

We are at your disposal for any inquiry and look forward to a successful working relationship.

Contact us at

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