How Performance Health creates a monster catalog (800 pages) in less than two hours

performance health Date:6 Oktober 2021Author: [email protected]

Performance Health is an international company that manufactures medical and physical therapy supplies. PH is a big player in the consumer health sector and in the manufacturing and distribution of products for the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. Their products range from physical therapy and mobility equipment to pain relief products and diagnostic tools. They are used by physiotherapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors, as well as directly to consumers.  Among their best-known products are Biofreeze (topical analgesic), TheraBand (resistance bands), TheraPearl, Cramer, Sammons Preston, and Rolyan.

What was the publishing process before contacting Pagination?

Performance Health, before knowing Pagination, created its own product catalog of around 800 pages by hand. It was a very long process that required considerable precision, both in the insertion of the products (codes, descriptions, attributes) and of the images and logos (new or best-selling product).

How did Pagination help Performance Health?

First, Bharat Gohil, Director of Global Digital Marketing at Performance Health, asked us if it was possible to prototype some pages of the PH-branded catalog. Pagination responded positively to this request, and after analyzing the nature of PH products, Pagination created a data file using a simple spreadsheet. This data file, in addition to being used to create the catalog, can also be easily used by PH to feed a CMS. Performance Health welcomed the prototype very positively and therefore commissioned us to create its own catalog by enabling it with the automatic cloud database publishing service (Pagination). The project we created provides for the possibility of creating documents containing up to 100,000 article codes and up to 20,000 images. Catalogs can also be diversified for six countries/markets and contain hyperlinks pointing to your site or e-commerce. Now that our service is up and running, Performance Health can create the full catalog 24/7 in less than two hours … This is a great leap forward

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