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How Walmart automated the creation of its Catalog Standard Style Guides with Pagination Software

Walmart contacted us because they were looking for a catalog software to speed up the creation of their Catalog Standard Style Guides. We are talking about hundreds of documents. They are guides that explain how to catalog products in e-commerce. What was the publishing process before contacting Pagination? Before using Pagination, there was a [...]
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Why is Brand Identity so Important in Presentations?

The role and importance of communication in business can’t be overlooked. Be it a team meeting, sales pitch, investor relations, or employee training, effective communication is indispensable to make an impact. In this context, presentations are a great tool to take your interactions to a new level and open doors to new avenues.  As presentations [...]
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Printed Trail Materials: Brochures, Posters, and Design Elements for Hikers

Unlike many other areas of modern business, the tourism industry cannot exist without brightly colored printed materials. Booklets, brochures, and posters in hiking tourism play the role of a trigger that finally influences the client’s decision to purchase a hiking tour. Equally important is branded printing, which is aimed at distinguishing your tourism company from [...]
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Explore the process behind Permobil’s order form creation!

Permobil is a well-established company known for providing reliable healthcare solutions, including electric and manual wheelchairs, as well as seating, positioning, and power assistance products. It has made a significant impact globally in enhancing the mobility and quality of life for many. The company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by Dr. Per Uddén. Dr. [...]
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Fogia’s Efficient Price List Creation with Pagination

Fogia, a renowned Swedish design company and furniture producer, has been dedicated to crafting high-quality, handmade furniture inspired by Scandinavian design aesthetics. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings and established a factory in Gdansk, Poland, where they collaborate with contemporary designers to create exceptional pieces. Additionally, Fogia takes pride in its commitment to [...]
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Streamlining Multilingual Catalog Creation with Pagination

pelsis headquarters
Introduction Pelsis, a leading global manufacturer and distributor in the pest and lawn care markets, has revolutionized its catalog creation process with the help of Pagination. By automating their InDesign template, Pelsis now effortlessly produces catalogs in multiple languages within minutes, achieving remarkable results. Company Overview Pelsis boasts an extensive range of high-quality brands, including [...]
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Find out how Atlas Copco creates its multilingual catalogs quickly and efficiently

Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is a multinational industrial company based in Sweden. The name “Copco” stands for Compagnie Pneumatique Commerciale. The company is a world leader in the development, manufacture, servicing, and leasing of air compressors, industrial tools, construction and assembly systems, and more. It operates in four business areas: compressor technology, vacuum technology, energy technology, and [...]
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Nexus Brands Group Streamlines Catalog Production with Pagination

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – Nexus Brands Group, a leading American firm specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of furniture, equipment, and supplies to professional customers, has partnered with Pagination to optimize its catalog production process.   Founded in 2015, Nexus Brands Group is the parent company of TATSoul®, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, ComfortGroom, Comfort Soul, Inkeeze, [...]
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How Nicolaus improved the creation of its catalogs!

Nicolaus Tour was born in 2003 in Ostuni, Italy. They diversified their product portfolio by developing various market segments: from holiday resorts to medium and long-range luxury travel, up to the real estate market, the congress sector, and MICE becoming an important and multifaceted reality in the Italian and Mediterranean sea holiday market. They specialized [...]
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How NationsBenefits improved the creation of its catalogs!

NationsBenefits is an American company that partners with managed care organizations to provide healthcare solutions, supplemental benefits, payments platform, and member engagement solutions. They help health plans deliver more benefits to their members. It is headquartered in Plantation, Florida and has 1,500 employees nationwide. They have centers in California, Kansas, Florida and Tennessee and distribution [...]
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How Amcor creates its sales collateral in a jiffy!

Amcor is an American-Australian global packaging company. It develops and produces flexible packaging, rigid containers, specialty cartons, closures, and much more. Amcor has two reporting segments: Flexibles Packaging and Rigid Plastics. Flexibles Packaging develops and supplies flexible packaging and specialty folding cartons. Rigid Plastics is one of the world’s largest suppliers of rigid plastic packaging. [...]
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How American Bath Group streamlined the creation process of all their price lists!

American bath group
American Bath Group (ABG), founded in 1993, is the premier manufacturer of Residential, Commercial, Assisted Living, Senior Care, and Premium Showroom bathing products in the USA. ABG provides bathroom products such as showers, integrated tub/showers, bathtubs, shower bases, jetted whirlpools, and spas. The Group sells its products through the wholesale and retail channels to a [...]
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How BeA Fasteners improved the creation of their price lists!

BeA Fasteners
BeA Group is a German company, the market leader in Europe, Australia, South America, and the USA in compressed air-powered fastening in furniture production. In Europe, they are a leader in pneumatic hand and gas-operated staplers and nailers in industrial timber construction, furniture production, the repair of pallets, and transport packaging made of wood. The [...]
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La nuova funzionalità di Pagination: la creazione automatica di brochure multilingua. Vediamo come viene usata da

  • Data: 4 Settembre 2018
  • Autore: Luca Reginato è un’azienda americana leader nella fornitura di sistemi di sicurezza. La compagnia fornisce sistemi cloud per il controllo remoto, per l’automazione casalinga e per servizi di monitoraggio, come la sicurezza interattiva, il video-monitoraggio e la gestione dell’energia. Dal 2000, aiuta, protegge e avvisa centinaia di migliaia di clienti, sia residenziali, che commerciali in [...]
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Aggiornamenti mensili per più di 1500 prodotti per le brochures di Bubbles Wholesale

  • Data: 27 Giugno 2018
  • Autore: Luca Reginato
Bubbles Wholesale è uno dei più grandi distributori indipendenti in Irlanda, nato nel 2010 tra Belfast e Dublino. L’azienda è un distributore di generi alimentari, articoli per la casa, ferramenta, articoli per gli animali ed altro, ed ha uno shop online nel proprio sito. Per presentare la sua gamma di prodotti composta da più di 1500 articoli, [...]
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Tile Redi, l’azienda Americana leader nella produzione di prodotti per il bagno piastrellabili, ha scelto Pagination per ottimizzare i propri progetti editoriali

  • Data: 23 Febbraio 2018
  • Autore: Luca Reginato
Tile Redi è l’azienda Americana con la più vasta selezione di prodotti piastrellabili. È l’inventore e leader sul mercato di Ready-to-Tile™, le piastrelle per la doccia monopezzo e facili da installare. Tile Redi, offre la più vasta selezione sul mercato di prodotti Ready-to-Tile™, che includono piastrelle per la doccia nei più svariati modelli ma anche scaffali, sedute, gradini [...]
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