Pagination: from Data to Documents

A better approach
to database publishing


Pagination lets you take data from any source (Excel, Access, SQL, Magento, Prestashop and more) and convert it into beautiful documents. The database publishing process is fully automated and the finished layouts are available as InDesign files, PDFs  and tablet applications.

You can produce catalogs, brochures, price lists, calendars – just about anything that presents large amounts of information to your customer base. Every layout is entirely customizable and suitable for use in print, online or on mobile devices.

Complete customization

Our system accepts project layouts in whatever format works best for your business. Whether you prefer InDesign, Word, Excel, PDF or even hand-drawn sketches, we can combine your data and produce perfect, precise results. Every finished layout is suitable for use in print, online and on mobile devices.

Our service also doesn’t stop once a layout has been published. You can always update your finished documents, either by sending us the new data or making direct edits in InDesign. Our InDesign files let you insert products and see automatic updates to contents tables, page numbers and other key details.

Fully scalable

Our supported cloud pagination service is the default solution for most data sets. But what happens if your product information can’t be contained on a single spreadsheet?

Our dedicated system was designed in-house to manage even the most complex source files. You can now create simple and elegant documents no matter how long your product descriptions, how complicated your product relationships or how extensive your currency and language variations.

A unique and trusted service

Pagination’s solutions aren’t available from any other provider. Our unique layout automation tools are quick, affordable, flexible and scalable, and they’ve earned us really great feedback from hundreds of clients across thousands of projects.

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We want to understand your operating environment and database publishing needs. Find out how Pagination’s unique tools can help your business by talking to us about your project.

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