Pagination relieves me of boring task, reduces errors, and improves quality and lead time

Crown Supply is an US distributor of electrical components, electronic security, and fire alarms.

The company was founded in 1947 as a small retailer of electrical components, serving mainly the Providence area of Rhode Island. The turning point came in the 80s when the company opened a second branch in Milford, Massachusetts. They then expanded their customers and the product offerings considerably, until Crown Supply became one of the leading distributors of electrical components in New England.

Today the company sells every type of electrical equipment as well as fire alarms and related products. It also offers a wide range of related services such as systems design, consulting, systems programming, technical support, testing, and operations. Crown Supply can meet all of their customers’ electrical needs, from sales and hardware supply to quick and competent technical assistance.

Kristina Ormaza, marketing specialist and graphic designer at Crown Supply, describes the company’s experience with Pagination: “I found Pagination online when I was looking for solutions for automatic pagination. I was pleasantly surprised to find a database publishing service that is completely cloud-based. I didn’t think something like that existed.”

“It’s a new and original system that changes the concept of automatic pagination, which is one of the most problematic parts of graphic design.”

“So I decided to contact Pagination-also because I was curious about the service.”

“I’m a graphic designer at Crown Supply, so catalog creation is one of my responsibilities. I have always had to paginate the document manually, a task which requires lot of time and work. I was looking for a solution to this, and Pagination has become the answer to my problems. The first things that struck me was the system’s ease of use. A software that creates automatic catalogs and price lists can be complex; it’s difficult to learn to use them, and they often don’t deliver everything they promise.”

“But Pagination doesn’t have any of these problems. As soon as I contacted the team, they showed me how the service works. That’s how I found out that what they advertise on their site is true: it’s a cloud service that lets you paginate catalogs and lists easily and quickly. This was the definitive proof, and so we chose to work with them.”

“We started using the service few weeks ago, and I can already see the advantages. But first I would like to emphasize the quality of Pagination’s customer service, one of the things that has impressed me the most. Everyone is pleasant, helpful and ready to solve my problems. The assistant is always available by phone or email.”

“Another great feature is the shared folders. I’ve been using the service for a few weeks, and I’m already operating at full capacity, without difficulties. I didn’t have to read about how to use it because it is a very intuitive system. Anyway, the customer service is always available if you need it. Finally, I love the immediacy of the workflow. At first, it seemed incredible to me that I could create a catalog with so many different attributes and articles in such a short time, but it is actually possible. After you correctly prepare and edit the Excel file, the data upload and document downloads happen immediately. In just a few minutes, the catalog is complete and ready to print. ”

“I’ve gone from taking days to do a job to doing the same job in a few minutes. That’s a great relief for me!”

“Now I’m starting work on our new catalog. I’m looking forward to testing every feature of the system. Our document includes thousands of products and references, and I’m sure Pagination will make my work much easier.”

An immediate workflow

Pagination relieves me of boring tasks, reduces errors, and improves quality and lead times.

Kristina Ormaza Marketing Specialist

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