Alberto Guardiani is one of the most iconic, well-known Italian brands. He has created designer shoes since 1947. The brand’s international success is driven by its perfect mix of Italian artisanal expertise and passion for innovation.

This desire for change and experimentation led Guardiani to choose Pagination to create its catalogs. Monica Spano of the marketing department talks about Guardiani’s experience with Pagination:

“Before using, we worked with a graphic agency. But we had management problems if we had to modify something or correct some errors. We always had to go outside our company to find a solution. This used up a lot of time and resources.

“That’s why we started collaborating with Pagination and using its database publishing service.”

Pagination’s service is cloud-based, so the entire system is online. This is the feature that most impressed Guardiani; Monica Spano calls this idea “beautiful and original.”

“The results are easy to see,” Monica continues,

When you upload the layout and the data, the PDF file is ready in 40 seconds. One of the biggest pros of Pagination is surely the speed.

In fact, our database publishing service can transform the data in ready-to-print catalogs to any layout you choose. You don’t need to install any software, and you can make all the changes you want.

Monica also appreciates the quality of Pagination’s customer service: “The Pagination team has always been available to meet our demands and resolve our problems. Their expertise helped us solve an internal problem related to the InDesign layout.”

Results are easy to see

One of the biggest pros of Pagination is surely the speed – after the data is uploaded together with the layout requirements, the PDF file is ready in 40 seconds.

Monica Spano Marketing Specialist

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