Furniture Catalog Template

A fully editable Furniture Catalog Template (fonts and images included) in InDesign and PDF formats

If you work in the furniture industry and are looking for detailed information about products, you know very well where you can find all your answers: in the company catalog. In only one artifact, you can find the tangible efforts of the most important company departments: Production, Research and Development, Marketing, and Sales.

So, how is graphic design involved in all this? The designers show all their skills during the making of the catalog’s layout. Furniture catalog designs are often clean, minimal, consistent, readable, and make good use of fonts, both serif and sans serif. Let’s take a closer look at this furniture catalog layout.

It is composed of two main sections, an introduction to the different rooms you find in a house, and a list of the available furniture products. The intro pages are composed of a full-page image and a large text field. The product pages are made up of a category description and the item list (which includes the products’ names and sizes).

This original catalog layout allows you to position products in two different ways. Choose the style based on the shape of the item you want to publish.

  • The first style allows you to place five items in a row; it has been created for portrait-oriented images, such as pictures of a chair, a window, or a door.
  • The second style allows you to position three items in a row. This product style is made for landscape-oriented images, such as tables, sofas, bookshelves, and so on.

When you open the zip file, you will find the template files in InDesign, PDF, and Word format but also an Excel sheet. It includes all the product information (category, item number, product name, description, sizes, etc.) you will find in the furniture catalog template. You can use this data sheet to create your furniture catalog automatically, in just a few minutes. You only have to complete the spreadsheet with your product information. Then? Contact the Pagination Support Team. They will help you solve all the boring but important tasks that pop up during the creation of a furniture catalog, such as:

  • Frequent price updates (using one or more currencies);
  • Grouping products by genre and category;
  • Frequent additions or removals of products;
  • Simultaneous creation of both web-ready and ready-to-print catalogs (complete with front and back covers, different tables of contents, chapter separators, specific industry icons/symbols, and so on);
  • Flexible data integration with in-house business applications (cloud-based or on-premises).

Furniture Catalog Automation?

Keeping Furniture Catalog up-to-date is a challenging task that can put pressure on even the best marketing teams.

You can use Pagination to automatically create beautiful catalogs in just a few seconds that are always ready for print or digital distribution.

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