Men's clothing catalogs

A selection of real men’s clothing catalogs to get inspiration

Are you looking for professional men’s clothing catalogs to get inspiration for your next catalog? Scroll and find a selection of real catalogs in pdf format or flipbook mode. Each catalog has a brief description in which you’ll find useful information about the document, including the layouts used, product information displayed, types of photographs, and so on. If you need to create a ready-to-print or web-ready clothing catalog in no time and without errors, you have to take a look at Pagination cloud service.

Fall is coming

Patrick James’ Fall 2018 is a well-crafted men’s clothing catalog. Each page is unique and shows a good mix of in-context and still-life shots that do their duty: highlight the clothes, but it has more than just pictures. You will find complete text boxes for each garment that include the type of cloth used, a brief description, available sizes, the item code, and price for each color/type.


Classy Summer

Style Essentials for Men, by Brooks Brothers looks like a catalog at first sight, but the use of big, in-context shots, zoomed images of the garments and the accessories, and eye-catching titles make you believe you are flipping through a real fashion magazine. The cloth type, price, and item code are the only product details listed.


It’s all about images

Nordstrom’s Fall 2017 is a clean, full-color men’s catalog. Full-page lifestyle shots are enriched by the descriptions of the shown pieces. On the lower side of each page, you will find all the product information: the manufacturer and item names, price, characteristics of the model, and item code.


Back to the 50’s

Levi’s vintage catalog shows replicas of some of the most iconic garments in the history of the Levi’s brand. The first pages are double spreads, with the original piece on the left side and the replica on the right. Minimal information is provided, such as the product name, material, and year of production. The rest of the catalog is made of lifestyle and still-life shots in both color and black and white.


Summer style

Pace decided to present the products for its 2014 spring and summer collection with a colorful lookbook that perfectly embodies the arrival of the hot season. After a quick introduction, the products are presented in a clear and effective way. Every page includes the name and price of the displayed clothes. At the end of the lookbook, there is a list of all brands and Pace’s contact details.


Clean and minimal

This lookbook by Fuza Wool is a mix of still life and cut-out images. Below every still life image you can find all the color variants for each garment. The whole document has a clean and minimal structure, making it very easy to read. In addition to the product name, the variant is also given, usually a color.


The power of a beautiful image

Tiger of Sweden’s summer/spring 2018 catalog is a clean lookbook focused on images. Apart from the introduction, the document presents only one simple layout composed of a full-page photo of a model wearing an outfit. Below the image is a list that includes the name of the garment and its SKU.


Crystal clear

This 2015 men’s sportswear lookbook by Tommy Hilfiger has a minimal layout focused on images. In the first part of the book, you will find full-length pictures of models wearing an outfit. In the lower portion of the page, you find a list telling each garment’s name and color. The second image is cut-out picture of the clothes.


Classy suits

Vinci’s suits catalog is totally focused on images. The document’s structure doesn’t differ too much from page to page: there are large pictures of each garment, followed by the its information such as its code, fabric, sizes, and a brief description. The last few pages are dedicated to trousers and vests; these pages have a different structure, but the information displayed remains the same.


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