Catalog Software by Pagination Powers Metaltex’s 2024 Multi-Country Catalogs and Brochures

Date:19 March 2024Author: Luca Reginato

Metaltex is proud to present its fine, colorful, modern and playful new catalogs and brochures spotlighting its 2024 product range. The integration of Pagination’s advanced catalog software has enabled this achievement.

Switzerland-based Metaltex is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of household goods. With 6,000 worldwide clients in 75 countries, 19 distribution centers, 120,000 individual products, and 4 production centers. Indeed, Metaltex is one of the world’s leading companies in its sector.

Services Offered by Pagination

Since August 2017, Metaltex has used Pagination’s services to create their editorial projects. Being automatically able to create these kinds of publications has enabled the firm to increase its accuracy. At the same time, it reduces production times and the time-to-market window, all while enjoying easy market segmentation.

As a cloud-based platform, Pagination offers users the flexibility to create and manage their catalogs from anywhere, at any time, eliminating the need for local software installations.

Specifically, here are the services provided by Pagination for catalogs and brochures:

Catalog Software Optimization

Metaltex has integrated Pagination’s specialized catalog software, revolutionizing how product information is compiled and presented. 

High-Resolution Catalog Creation: In particular the Pagination catalog software supports the creation of high-resolution and print-ready catalogs. It provides custom layout flexibility, robust image and file integration, and a variety of editable templates, catering to document creation needs like print catalogs, digital catalogs, price lists, and brochures.

Adobe InDesign Utilization: As a cloud-based SaaS solution, it utilizes the capabilities of Adobe InDesign. Consequently, this delivers outputs with high resolution, suitable for printing and digital use, in formats such as PDF, INDD, and IDML.

Real-Time Updates and User Engagement: This cloud-based solution not only ensures real-time updates for product details, prices, and availability but also enhances user engagement with interactive digital elements. It offers multilingual and multi-currency support, catering to global business needs.

Streamlined Production Process: The use of this sophisticated catalog software has resulted in a more streamlined production process. It has cut down on time and resources while enhancing the overall quality of the published materials.

Design Customization Tools: The software includes tools for customizing design elements like fonts, color schemes, and layouts, enabling users to create unique and brand-aligned materials.

Advancements with InDesign Automation

Through the utilization of Pagination’s InDesign automation services, Metaltex has experienced a transformation in the way catalogs are produced. 

The InDesign automation services provided by Pagination streamline the catalog creation process, offering a range of features to enhance efficiency and consistency. Key services include automated text formatting, object placement, and image management, significantly simplifying the design workflow.

Seamless Data Integration: The data merging feature seamlessly integrates Excel data into Adobe InDesign, aiding designers in compiling accurate and visually appealing catalogs efficiently. Additionally, Pagination supports XML importing, allowing designers to apply sophisticated layouts and themes easily. The platform’s InDesign scripting automates repetitive design tasks, boosting productivity.

Reduced Errors: It significantly reduces manual tasks by automating layout adjustments and data updates, which, in turn, accelerates the production timeline and minimizes human error.

Elevating Impact with Catalog Maker Tools

Additionally, Pagination offers catalog maker tools that elevate the catalog creation process. 

These tools offer a range of customization options, from layout designs to interactive elements. They enable Metaltex to produce catalogs that not only showcase products effectively but also resonate with the target audience. This approach has enhanced the user experience, making information more accessible and engaging for customers worldwide.

Output Format Versatility: Pagination supports various output formats suitable for both print (InDesign and PDF) and digital distribution, meeting diverse distribution needs.

Advanced Automation Tools for Efficient Catalog Creation: Moreover, advanced tools like Pagination’s Online InDesign Catalog Maker enhance the catalog creation process. This software automates catalog creation by using data from databases or sources such as PIM, ERP, and e-commerce, ideal for detailed product listings.

Each of these advancements has significantly contributed to the efficiency and effectiveness of Metaltex’s catalog production. This reflects the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Global Reach and Future Plans

Metaltex catalogs and brochures are now being distributed to the firm’s worldwide distribution centers. These include locations in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the US, Canada, Belgium, Hungary, Mexico, and Brazil. All materials are presented in the respective countries’ native languages.

International Presence: This wide distribution highlights Metaltex’s significant international presence, showcasing its commitment to reaching customers globally.

Focus on Design and Innovation: Metaltex’s catalogs and brochures boast a modern and lively look, reflecting the company’s emphasis on design and innovation. This is achieved by leveraging the latest catalog maker tools to create visually appealing and engaging materials.

Partnership with Pagination!

Metaltex has already created 13 different catalogs and brochures with Pagination, but it aims to create a total of 35 documents with this solution. This demonstrates Metaltex’s confidence in Pagination’s capabilities and its commitment to leveraging advanced technology for its marketing efforts.

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