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Hello and welcome at Pagination!

We have paginated the gregorian calendar in more than 70 languages and we’re sharing it here for free with a Creative Common license.

We are a privately owned company founded in 2009. We have a clear focus on product information management, data representation and reuse across multiple channels like web, print, mobile… And yes, we love InDesign and InDesign Server automation!

We paginate and share these calendars as a demonstration of our expertise.

At first, it was just a test, but thanks the numerous downloads and helpful feedbacks generated by the project, we started making this calendar more and more accurate, inserting national holidays and events. The project is still under development, and we wish to publish soon new calendar layouts.

InDesign version requires a free registration to download.

Take the time to share any of your feedback or special request. In the meantime feel free to visit our website and learn some of the most useful InDesign automation techniques.

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