Pagination integrates with Salesforce to automatically create OX’s multilingual catalogs

Date:31 July 2018Author: Luca Reginato

The company

The OX Group is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality hand tools operating in Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, France, Spain, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Founded in Australia in 1974 and launched under the “OX” brand in the UK in early 2012, the firm has grown steadily and now boasts nine offices around the world and multiple dealers.

OX products use American, German, and other European technologies to deliver the ultimate in product quality. OX products are known for their innovation, toughness, and competitive prices.

OX’s needs

An international orientation is one of OX’s characteristics that reflects the necessity of creating a multilingual catalog, but this wasn’t the OX Sweden branch’s only need. The branch’s desire to restyle the look of the catalog, and a willingness to optimize the creation process, led the company to Pagination’s catalog software.

The company uses Salesforce CRM to manage its product information and, with Pagination, it can now use Salesforce data to create its InDesign catalogs automatically. Before joining forces with Pagination, OX created its catalog manually, a process that involved a significant production time and, consequently, high production costs. With Pagination, OX can optimize the process while reducing pagination errors.

Some of Pagination’s key features: Salesforce data integration and easy language management

Pagination ensures a streamlined workflow, thanks to the automatic creation of all documents and the integration with OX’s Salesforce CRM. Salesforce data will be integrated during the pagination process, enabling OX to dispense with manually updating documents and ensuring a great team collaboration. OX’s new catalogs will be complete with all the product information they need, including product group names, product names and descriptions, materials, size, EAN codes, prices, and so on.

By working with Pagination, OX will be able to create new catalogs in different languages simply by handling all translations within their data sheets. The catalogs will be automatically created in all the languages OX needs.

The catalogs that OX will create with Pagination will be high-quality, fully customizable, and always ready for print and digital distribution. All of these capabilities are driven by a great service ease of use and the benefits of the cloud platform, which enable users to create their documents anywhere and at any time.

How can I use my Salesforce data to create a catalog?

Creating a catalog (or a price list, brochure, or any kind of custom document) using Salesforce data is easy with Pagination. We’ll create a cloud infrastructure integrating your data with your custom document layout. Then, you’ll be able to create your documents independently, anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Send us a sample of your data at, and we’ll tell how you, too, can streamline your documents creation process.

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