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Travel brochures are a common form of documentation used to provide information about travel packages offered by travel agencies, tour operators, or travel agents. To understand the technical structure of a travel brochure in-depth, you can download an example of the project files on this page: data, InDesign travel brochure template, and artwork. But how are they structured?

Let’s find out together.

How are Travel Brochures made?

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Typically presented in PDF format or as an online flipbook, these brochures contain a variety of information, including

  • The travel agency’s presentation,
  • A list of services offered to the customer,
  • Evocative images of the places to be visited,
  • Stages of the journey, 
  • A map with the itinerary, 
  • Accommodation facilities,
  • Excursions, 
  • Transport, 
  • The periods of the year in which the trip can be made, 
  • Costs, 
  • And more.

When it comes to travel brochure that include stays in holiday villages, the first part usually features the services provided by the various accommodation facilities, such as 

  • Special activities,
  • Animation, 
  • Catering,
  • Assistance, 
  • Pets allowed, 
  • Promotions and benefits, 
  • Useful apps to use during your stay, 
  • And more. 

The second part of this type of travel brochure presents hotel structures divided by country, with  

  • Photos of the accommodation (beach, pool area, sports area, entertainment area, etc.), 
  • Places to visit nearby,
  • Starting price per person,
  • Descriptions of the available packages (all-inclusive, half board, room only), 
  • Advice on the right type of customer, 
  • In-depth descriptions of the structure and services,
  • Accommodations (number of rooms and types) 
  • Presence of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, gym, tennis/beach volleyball/basketball courts, water skiing, jet skis, mini club, wellness center, 
  • And more.

The third and last part of the travel brochure contains important information such as

  • Flight information (airports, parking near airports, and description of airport services),
  • Description of travel insurance included in the trip,
  • General information: validity, description of terms used, necessary travel documents, language spoken in the resort, 
  • The tourist package sales contract.

How to optimize the creation of Travel Brochures?


Creating travel brochures manually using InDesign requires a lot of time and attention, which is why the travel brochure software offered by Pagination is useful. This automatic database publishing cloud system allows the automatic import of texts and images within an InDesign template, reducing the number of errors made during copy and paste. 

To use this solution, you must have an InDesign travel brochure template and a data file. If you already own an InDesign template, just send the InDesign package file (containing the fonts and links) to the Pagination team who will link it to the data file(s) needed to create the travel brochure. If you don’t have it, no problem, the Pagination team can create one based on your requirements.

As for the data file, each agency uses its software to store and manage the information of its hotel establishments. All these tools allow you to export data in Excel or CSV format (TXT or XML files can also be used).

Once the data file and InDesign package file have been sent to the Pagination development team, they will link your travel brochure template to the data file within about 15 working days.

Once the first automatic draft has been created, it will be sent to you for confirmation, and then the project will be uploaded to Pagination’s cloud platform, which is accessible 24/7 and from anywhere.

From there you can create as many travel brochures as you like using the template that has been automated. If changes need to be made to the template, the Pagination team can make the changes within a few days and upload the updated version to the cloud.

Call the phone number in the navigation bar (top right corner) or contact us if you need more information.

Travel Brochure Automation?

Creating travel brochures and keeping up-to-date is a challenging task that can put pressure on even the best marketing teams.

You can use Pagination to automatically create beautiful travel brochures in just a few seconds that are always ready for print or digital distribution.


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