Women’s clothing catalogs

A complete list of real women’s clothing catalogs to get inspiration

If you’re looking for beautiful women’s clothing catalogs to get inspiration, or simply to see how they are made, you can scroll and find a selection of real catalogs in pdf format or flipbook mode. Each women’s catalog has a brief description in which you’ll find useful information about the document, including the layouts used, product information displayed, types of photographs, and so on. If you need to create a ready-to-print or web-ready clothing catalog or lookbook in no time, without errors, Pagination’s cloud service can help you.

Classy and elegant

Bellerose is a Belgian clothing company founded in 1989 that designs premium clothing for the whole family. Bellerose showcases its SS’18 women’s collection in a lookbook that looks classy and elegant. It makes use of only one product style: full-page, in-context shots with the related garments’ names.




The Spring/Summer 2018 women’s catalog from River Woods presents a casual but elegant clothing collection. The catalog shows the garments using two product layouts: the first is made up of full-page, still life images, while the second uses the same photos (still lifes) in a smaller version (cross style or two per page). Each photo includes the garment’s name and its related item code.


Notable background

Taifun’s 2018 lookbook is clean and minimal, with a recurring background that simulates recycled paper. The catalog is divided into categories, one for each type of clothing. We can see pages with full-size images and others with more shots that have been aligned differently, a few with two images in a row, and others with three images in a row. Each item’s name and product code is also included.


Linear and detailed

Carhartt presents a very technical and complete Spring women’s 2018 catalog. It begins with a table of contents: outwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Then, the catalog presents the technology used in the garments and style number references. The product style used is linear, with long product descriptions and indications of the available colors. Every product comes with a size table. Trousers, in particular, feature a double table that shows the measurements for short, regular, and tall sizes. The catalog ends with women’s body measurements and a table that explains the meaning of the icons used throughout the catalog.



The Lands’ End catalog layout is rich and complex, composed of many images of different sizes, in-context shots, still-life pictures of the garments, icons, and a mix of product information arranged differently on almost every page. Every garment comes with a detailed description, product code, price, available color variants, and icons that show other specific features. A few products present a direct link to Lands’ End’s e-commerce site.


Catalog or a fashion magazine?

Talbots’ October 2018 catalog looks like a fashion magazine. The spread on each page is made of three main parts: a killer opening line, in-context shots (in a lot of different sizes) that show the different outfits, and small content boxes that include the item’s information, such as the name of the piece, a brief description, its size, price, and available colors.


Essential and complete with details about fabrics

Silvia Tcherassi presents her atelier’s Resort 2018 collection in a lookbook with an essential and elegant graphic design. The catalog’s pages are not in letter size format, but instead are a perfect square (9.9 x 9.9 in). The product style used is the same throughout the document: a full-length image that shows the different types of clothing (on the left side of the page) and the product information for each garment (on the right side of the page). Each paragraph includes the garment’s name, its fabric, and available sizes and colors with a thumbnail image to show the details of each fabric’s texture.


Two layouts: a modern one and a linear one

Cabi’s 2017 fall lookbook is good mix of in-context shots (which are typical of the lookbook format) and a classic catalog with close-up shots of each garment. Three quarters of the document is made of photos of models wearing the new Cabi garments; near them, readers can find the products’ information (item code; item name; available sizes; and prices for the US, Canadian, and UK markets). The last quarter of the lookbook is an index of clothing divided by category: tops, Cabi basics, sweaters, jackets, bottoms, jeans, dresses, and accessories.


Unique layouts

Coldwater Creek’s catalog is a beautiful and complete handmade catalog. Each page is unique and shows the clothes in all the available colors and textures. Next to each garment, you will find some text that includes the product name followed by a long and detailed description. This is followed by the item code, available sizes, and price for each size.


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