Plant catalogs

A selection of real plant catalogs to get inspiration

If you are planning to create your catalog and you’re looking for ideas or if you simply want to know how plant catalogs are designed and what information you can find, here you are a list of 12 real catalogs of different brands. Every catalog is described in its design and in the information it contains. If you need to create a ready-to-print or web-ready plant catalog with ease and in no time, Pagination’s cloud service can help you.

An Informative Catalog

This plant catalog by First Editions is a hybrid between a product catalog and an informative magazine. Every product is represented by an in-context picture and a short description. The document is clearly handmade, and it doesn’t have a standard layout. Overall, the catalog is well structured and easy to read. It also includes a table of contents and a color calendar.


A Spartan and Efficient Catalog

Winter Greenhouse’s catalog is an automated document with a spartan and efficient structure. Apart from a few pages in the middle of the document, the catalog is composed of detailed black and white tables that contain all the necessary information about each product. The document may look a bit rough and simple, but it is efficient and gets the job done.


Two-Column Plant Catalog

FitzGerald Nurseries’ catalog is a small document with a linear structure where products are displayed in a two-column layout. An index has been included at the beginning of the document. There are also chapters separators, and every page includes the chapter name on the right side. The catalog is well structured, tidy, and contains all the necessary information.


A Clear and Well-Structured Plant Catalog

Growing Spectrum’s catalog is a well-structured document. It has a table of contents and almost all the products have their own images. Every plant has a short description and a little table with further information. Products are displayed following a single layout, which makes the document easy to read. Overall, the document has great readability.


A Hybrid Between a Catalog and a Guide

This document by The Wild Garden is a hybrid between a catalog and plant guide. It includes a table of contents and different types of indices. Every plant has a picture and an accurate and detailed description. Products are presented using in-context pictures. The document is tidy, and all the products are presented using a one-column layout.


Compact Trees Catalog

The 2018 Towner and State Nursery catalog is a compact document. In the first part of the document there’s a general introduction about stocking, while the second part focuses on the products. Plants are displayed using a one-column layout. Every product has its own description, picture, and a table with price and height. The catalog is easy to read and is really tidy.


Black Plant Catalog

Terranova Nurseries’ catalog is a classic, handmade document without a standard structure. Images are at core of the catalog; in fact, the majority of the document is made up of big, in-context images that present single plants. Of course, there are also short descriptions and product names for each plant, but they’re not the central element. At the end of the catalog, readers will find general information about pricing and shipping.


Tidy and Classic Catalog

Webb’s catalog proposes a tidy, classic, and well structured document. It opens with a table of contents and a short introduction. Chapters are separated by different colors, so it is quite easy to find what you’re looking for. Every product has a picture and some general information. Relevant information is indicated by different icons.


A Tabular and Descriptive Catalog

Bracy Nursery’s catalog begins with a table of contents. A majority of the catalog is composed of descriptions and tables, with images only in the central part of the document. Overall, everything is clean and tidy. Thanks to the detailed TOC at the beginning, it is easy read and navigate through the different pages.


Catalog with Descriptive Chapter Separators

Monrovia’s catalog has a standard one-column layout that has likely been created automatically. There’s no table of contents, but there are chapter separators. On every chapter separator is a short description of the chapter. Every product has its own in-context picture, a description, a code, and some specific icons. The document has a clean structure and is easy to read.


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